Presenters: Odirachinma Ezeobi, Godwin. J. Chinedu, Eke Macdonald Ndubuisi - TBP July 09, 2018 Greetings to our amiable readers from the stable of Biafra Post news room. This week on "Hard Truth', The Biafra Post columnists are committed to appealing to the conscience being of the people of Biafra who have learnt so far not from what we write daily concerning the unworkability of the Nigeria State; we are delighted that people call in to appreciate our efforts for having seen the inhumanity crimes being committed by the Nigerian Army, Nigerian Police Force, Department of State Security Service, and Fulani herdsmen; all this evil acts are happening in Nigeria under a Fulani President Mohammadu Buhari to who an average Biafran view him as a terrorist in the making. What is the essence of getting a PVC or even voting your choicy candidate when in reality the house of Senate - Senators and the House of Representatives together with their Judiciary stand-in as rubber stamp organization?. Haven't the blood sucking beast in Abuja government house done enough that demands for his probation and possibly impeachment?. Did you not vote these inconsequential honourables to represent and speak up for you?. Who amongst these inconsequential and misguided public office holders has been blunt enough to challenge tyrant Mohammadu Buhari over his inefficacy to arrest or apprehend this unrest in the middle Belt. Even the Nigerian Union of Journalists in their reportages has derailed from what is expected of them; they came up with false captions without fruition all in a bid to exonerate themselves from Buhari's sledge hammer. Who are the killer herdsmen if not the Fulanis from time immemorial, herding cows has been their business and why is the Nigerian media not calling them by their names instead what we see and read everyday in the Nigeria newspapers and televisions is herdsmen clashes with communities and who are those herdsmen?. Are Nigeria media houses trying to imply that their reportages is based on assumptions and unverified information. There is a big need to dismember the zoo because here truth is buried and falsehood becomes the truth of the day At this point in time in this our struggle for freedom what all Biafran Journalists need to do is to inform and encourage the people of Biafra through their write-ups to get ready for Biafra referendum and never to get themselves entangled nor get baited with money from the useless Biafran-Nigerian politicians in the name of collecting PVC to vote tyrant Mohammadu Buhari out and vote in the Saviour that never existed in the failed experimental Nigeria project. In every honesty your getting the PVC cannot save you and your entire generation in Nigeria from the hands of Fulani herdsmen or their Nigerian Army of perdition, since 1914 till date what have Nigeria got to show to the universe that they are good in, if not fraud and corruption, mismanagement of public funds, inflation thereby making stealing a policy in their government. With your PVC for over 19 years in a Democratic dispensation what have you achieved if not thievery of one form or the other; a supposed allegedly Democratic dispensation where you cannot challenge the government on his ills, is either you get locked-up in a secret underground cell or get killed. Have you not being maimed enough, bullied, brutalized and massacred by this same compromised government of Nigeria that is suppose to protect human lives and properties, even at the point of voting them in they still violate your right to franchise by renting thugs to persuade the voters on who to cast their mandates on or to; or risk getting assassinated while departing from the voting center. The masses had been voting them without any meaningful results, here in the zoo called Nigeria we only have unscrupulous and selfish politicians who are interested only in stealing from the people and nothing more nothing else. It is time for all the Federating units lumped up together in Nigeria to renegotiate their membership from the oppressors, more grease to the Indigenous People of Biafra for giving all aggrieved persons a chance to once have a say in issues concerning them with Nigeria and also to live a better life devoid of state-sponsored terrorism, fear, hunger, marginalisation, injustice. Following the fire outbreak in Lagos among other horrendous events happening in Nigeria under a Fulani President -Mohammadu Buhari and his continuous silence, the unwarranted killing of Christians in the Middle Belt and other parts of Nigeria Federating units by tyrant Mohammadu Buhari's led APC government and his clan men as Army of Jihad - the Fulani herdsmen is mind-boggling. It is important to note herein that upon the Nigerian tyrant - Mohammadu Buhari's visit to the USA did not care nor stick to the warning from the President of the United States of America - Mr. Donald. J. Trump at the Oval White House meeting; funny enough none of these terrorist Fulani herders have being brought to justice; rather they are being aided and abetted by the Nigerian Armed Forces under the very order of Jihadist Muhammadu Buhari. It is quite appalling, how so many Nigerians have seized the opportunity to a publicity stunt asking the gullible Nigerians to go get their Power of franchise known in the Nigerian parlance as Permanent Voter's Card (PVC). Such erroneous sentiments are understandable but misguided when it comes to a public debate where superior reasoning will be allowed to prevail. Readers please permit the columnists of this essay to moderate on this disturbing issue at head, that to go get your PVC as a result of the forthcoming 2019 general elections will not bring an end to the sufferings in Nigeria and beleaguered on innocent civilians, having seen the massive awareness campaign for referendum by Biafrans in the old Eastern region, the columnists believe Nigerians should at this point demand for a renegotiation of the fraudulent British contraption thereby call for the boycott of the 2019 general elections. Because with or without tyrant Mohammadu Buhari in power, Nigerians should know that a change of government cannot bring an end to their fundamental problems, it's very obvious that with the economic, political, ethnic and religious crises in Nigeria one could vehemently say that tyrant Mohammadu Buhari - APC - led government stand no chance for re-election, the masses should revolt against all forms of elections unless the government settle to what the masses have to say and abide by it, if not death will be in tolls because we refuse to correct the mistake of yesterday which will gradually hunt us in the present. People should know that those vigorously campaigning for you to get your PVC and vote know better that your votes have never counted and will not count.

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