Biafra: Indestructibility of IPOB and Biafra reaffirmed at Obu Gad (Gad's compound) in Agulueri with His Royal Majesty Eze Chukwu Emeka of Eri presiding

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The Biafra Post | July 05, 2018

IPOB Leader, Mazi Nnamdi Kanu, being blessed at Obu Gad by the High Priest, His Royal Majesty Eze Chukwu Emeka of Eri
When asked what exactly was happening, an onlooker said to the reporter "what we are doing is of the spirit because Biafra is a great spirit. Only those in the spirit can understand".

He broke down and sang, "ihe anyi na eme bu ihe nmuo, onye anyi na achuru aja bu oke nmuo".

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