Biafra: [Fulani Herdsmen Killings]: The Resentment In The Faces Of Neo-Pan Nigerians And Why We Need Think The Way Of Referendum

By Eke Macdonald Ndubuisi - TBP
July 13, 2018

We have argued enough, and we have stressed out enough too why this hoopla-noisy ignorance of an average Neo-Pan Nigerian has to be redirected; common sense may not be common in most places in the sense that some men may choose to die in silence while some may say no I must fight for a just cause, while others may see him as exhibiting acts of foolishness. The man is the man who stood up against tyrant creeds of all conventions and the man died in him who kept quiet in the face of a tyrant.

It is deeply satisfying that I make very good use of this medium and the space it accords to respond to Miyetti Cattle Breeders Association of Nigeria known as the Fulani herdsmen and their principal Mohammadu Buhari with wisdom, firmness and self control; I have resorted to lifting up one of Retired Major General Mohammadu Buhari's statements where he falsely asserted that the killer herdsmen are from Libya being trained by Libya late President Gaddafi to disorganize the Nigeria settings.

Few days from the Killings in the Middle Belt when the President went to see the governor of Benue State, one of the State(s) that make-up Middle Belt, the Nigerian President Mohammadu Buhari told them point blank to embrace their brothers the Fulanis; from being foreigners to brothers to land grabbing with full jihad movement unleashed and the government sleeps with both eyes closed. Is that not an irony?

The resentment in the faces of Neo-Pan Nigeria movement has seethed the more; they look like people without a direction, without a course, without a dream and with a wrecked ship on the high water. Internal democracy cannot save Nigeria from this impending calamity that will befall her; President Olusegun Obasanjo and his merging cum coalition party movement where a single candidate will be filed out to win over the Daura born Nigerian tyrant will not save Nigeria too.

A great deal of research has been made on a sequential thinking that factored the need for Nigerians and Neo-Nigerians to think the way of referendum, that will help to become more congruent with deeper values where people will voice out with one mind over what they think that needs to be done in order to save the human cause from this Libyan herdsmen killing Nigerians whereby the Nigerian government virtually does nothing in the face of this inhuman crimes.

I have questioned before what is Sovereignty and what is Territorian Integrity, what is land grabbing and what is encroachment. This Mohammadu Buhari Fulani government is guilty as charged as it is well seen that the Fulani heifer has plowed the entire Zoo into land full of human blood; it is more ennobling to say that the government of Mohammadu Buhari is an ally to this jihad movement sweeping across the Niger. Now the land grabbers association of Nigeria are saying that more heads will be cut off if the Southern Parts and Middle Belt of Nigeria fail to give them their ancestral land for cattle grazing and ranching.

Funny enough the Nigerian Military and Police are also mandated to contrive a defense mechanism against the communities that may revolt this order from the Presidency to hurt any Fulani herdsman; the government is no longer interested in sending those Libyans back to their home country for killing Nigerians, instead the Fulani government is much interested to securing peoples' land for these Killer Libyan herdsmen; the Nigerian Military now refuse to fight a war of aggression against the invading Libyans. It was with bewilderment that I read over the news papers that the five Eastern governors cautioned the Mohammadu Buhari APC- led government that their various states have no land to donate for cattle business of any kind.

One of the key priority of a government is to protect his citizens' lives and properties but this government seems not to have been debriefed about this section of the constitution that demands his immediate impeachment or resignation from the office of the President; the only hitch stopping this full fledged jihad movement across the Niger is the resilient manner of the Indigenous People of Biafra and their only demand for a referendum which has caused this government to soft-peddling on coming with force.

Editor/Publisher: Chinwe Korie


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