Biafra: The Fulani Herdsmen Carnage And Need To Conduct Referendum For The Nigeria Federating Units

By Eke Macdonald Ndubuisi - TBP
July 03, 2018

I keep on wondering what must have prompted the British government, the originator's of the name "Nigeria" to have formed this death zone in the first place; like they will falsely say that unity in diversity is the key to a lasting Nigeria; rather what that implies to my sensibility is that unity in diversity in the Nigeria context means your untimely death and blood shed.

I am carrying out a survey with my   emissaryship at every disposal toward unraveling at what could have given the core North the back-ups and motivations to always keep on killing their supposedly allegedly compatriots in a united or disunited Nigeria! Are the Nigerian people sane or insane? Had it being that the so called Nigerian people are sane enough they all would have rised up and question this status quo of the Hausa-Fulani community lording it over other federating units that make up the zoo called Nigeria; as was opined by the great scholar and prophet of our time Mazi Nnamdi Kanu.

My ambiance time on this study is not what one should take or treat with a kid's glove; I have watched and seen that death knocks constantly at the door post of every Middle Beltans without any help from the government that is suppose to use his military might and oath of office to preserve humanity lives' and properties as its number one priority rather the unarticulated government is looking elsewhere and where to drop blames on.

With this carnage in the land so far, reminds me of one of late Dim Chukwuemeka Odumegwu Ojukwu's word that " if the handshake across the Niger always mean the death and sacrifice of my people then let the handshake be stopped abruptly that my people may live ". The Fulanis' most especially are humans incarnated with blood sucking spirit that one needs to pray not to have anything in common to do with them; their level of understanding and exposure is still viewed and scaled within the antiquity times - timid to the core.

All my life I have not seen where the life of a cow is equated to the devouring and wasting of human lives like the cannibals and the barbarians; their level of exposure is unrefined; seeking after human life, is that the best way for the evil monsters should use to seek for a redress if actually they were maimed by the Middle Beltans. Wanton destruction of lives and properties, arson and arsonists are on the increase by the Fulani, all over the land of the Middle Beltan pillaging on the hard work of the people.

To me, it is so embarrassing and a very disgraceful thing to say that the Vice President of Nigeria would stoop so low to tell the family of the affected people that the Federal government of Nigeria had mapped out a certain amount of money as a form of recompense to the lives wasted and houses burnt down; what happened to the culprits then? If the Federal government of Nigeria should continue to equate the lives of ordinary Nigerian with a paper called money then what becomes the peoples' fate in this country? If accepting money for recompense is the best way the government thought it right then what happens to the lives Nigerians collectively?

The President of the United States of America Mr. Donald. J Trump, should know that his stern warning and advice given to the Nigerian President Mr. Mohammadu Buhari was not strictly followed nor implimented rather the Christian killings is real before our eyes with a well developed and designed plans handed over to the Fulani minions to carryout by this government; nobody is answering no charges over this carnage by the Fulani community living in the Middle Belt.

If common sense should be allowed to prevail there is an urgent need to conduct referendum in Nigeria for the federating units to decide their fates and what fate is fated for them rather than dying like cows in the hands of these blood sucking Fulani herdsmen where no one will be held responsible because the government of the day seems to merry with them on the affronts being committed by his clan men. Let us all think referendum and consider it a top notch towards redirecting and rewriting our history in this death zone.

Editor/Publisher: Chinwe Korie

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