By Odirachinma Ezeobi - TBP July 17, 2018 The just-concluded Ekiti State election that took place over the weekend in no more doubt serves as a litmus test for all concerned campaigners of get your permanent voter's card and vote tyrant Mohammadu Buhari out of the office. An adage has it that "Those who do not know where the rain start beating them, are likely not to know when the rain drench on them". It is always better for certain negative events to take place so humans can pause for a second and think for the future. The event that took effect in Ekiti State on the 14th day of July 2018 being Saturday goes a very long way to prove many PVC analysts wrong and many other postulators of forget the PVC and think referendum - right. Nigerians were keen to see how the election will be handled as it was positioned by God himself to serve as a litmus test of what will transpire in Nigeria come 2019. From all indications, the election witnessed the zeal and determination of the Federal government of Nigeria to "capture" Ekiti State under Arewa Progressive Congress [APC] for the implementation of grazing reserve or cattle colony thereby making sure that the Arewa stooge be rigged into power. Figuratively the deployment of thirty thousand [30,000] policemen to Ekiti for mere governorship election whereas people are massacred in their numbers in Benue State, Taraba Sate and Plateau without even the murderous Nigerian government deploying upto ten thousand [10,000] security operatives to defend these people goes a long way to prove that the Nigerian Federal government is on a bizarre mission of conquest. Among notable post-election reactions is the total and complete silence of the "go get your PVC campaigners" as they felt shocked with the further proof of the valuelessness of PVC in the Nigerian State under a Fulani hegemony. Those clamoring for a change of government through PVC were further proven short-sighted as the Indigenous People of Biafra had always inferred and asserted rightly that PVC cannot save Nigerians since the Federal government is in total control of the electoral system. Voting in Nigerian against all odds has proven to be a mere charade and worst of it all, is the peoples' unconscious effort to legalize their very domination, slavery and subjugation because it is wrongly seen right that the people had spoken when in a clear term forgery and manipulation of result spoke for the government. The only saving grace left for us all is to think the way of a referendum on the continuous existence of the entity called Nigeria by the British imperialists or its total balkanization. No matter what an average Nigerian think or do, it will still narrow down to this nonsense of presenting a winner of their choice at the end of the charade called election as this has got the leadership of the Indigenous People of Biafra to have warned Nigerians on the dire consequences of hoping on Nigeria elections for safe landings. The Indigenous People of Biafra were not taken serious when she pronounced this; it is so disheartening that Nigerians had always wanted to give election a try for nearly 55 years now without any meaningful thing to show for it. Between Biafra referendum or your PVC that had never counted which do you consider appropriate?. The choice is yours to make

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