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June 1,2018

Just concluded Biafra heroes/heroines remembrance day recorded a huge success, media team from Shalom Victory Zone in Aba province toured around the metropolis for data collection with videos, pictures and interview evidence to defy Nigeria brown envelop gutter media reports that Biafrans partially observed Sit At Home Oder. Without equivocation Aba environ was totally shut down all the markets were lock up, as early as 5:30am we went to Ahia Ohu market in Ngwa road despite, the day was their market day few businesses were seen hanging around by 7:30am the main gate was still padlocked those few people had no other option than to went back home disappointed. All the bank staffs enjoyed holiday none of them were on duty I intentionally demanded to withdrew with my ATM Card at Diamond bank, the gateman asked me to go back home to observe Sit At Home Order by IPOB. Every road was deserted like Azikiwe, Milverton, Aba Oweri Road, Ogbo Hill Ngwa Road etc as busy all these roads always be, hardly you see a single vehicle most of all these places were turned to playing ground. Aba Shopping Centre was not left behind, it was turned to a football pitch, and young boys were playing on the busiest market without anybody queries them. Biafrans voluntarily adhered to their conscience on the order no single student was sighted on the road/street with school uniform to the extent Abia State Poly was shut down, staffs were neither in office and nor in a classroom teaching. As always Nigeria Hausa Fulani combine security forces army, police, navy patrolled around looking for an excuse to unleash havoc but disappointed on their secret planned to kill as many Biafrans as possible. Though, information has it one person was shot to dead and his decompose body whiskey away by murderous blood tasty military to an unknown location. Few mines passed 2pm military helicopter was hovering around the town precisely at Ama Hausa main park, this is where Hausa Fulani all converged, none of them went to business they all relaxed within their Mosque sleeping, some with radio haven a good moment without no atom of intimidation, harassment or provocation in any means, the atmosphere was so conducive and serene for them. Shalom victory media team makes it more colorful and interesting when they took it upon themselves to pay a solidarity visit to IPOB inmates in Aba prison. Initially those prison officers on duty tried to intimidate us with hash voice in order to insert fear in us knowing very well their modus operandi has withered and irrelevant to make any impact, we smartly engaged them in a debate which none of them were unable to make reasonable contributions, we face them intellectually they all entombed in their shield. We were laid in after extorting money from us in the name of meeting up requisites requirements to see our brethren in prison. Miraculously, one of the inmates Prince A. Ibe, who hails from Mbase Imo province, a member of Falks road zone1 was chating with his visitor on hearing their conversation we decoded he is one of us, we happily acknowledged each other it became more mutual that we demanded to call up another inmate Ede David Chinagorom a.k.a Mopol both from the same zone, this vibrant young man hails from Nsuka Enugu province, they were among the victims of Operation python Dance II at Isi Ala Ngwa on 12th Sept, 2017. According to information extracted from them, they were total of 51 in number but now remaining 19 after IPOB legal team embattled Nigeria prosecuting counsel on their frivolous disgraceful terrorist charge. They were expedient; instead of receiving a piece of advice from us they turned around encouraging us to be more strong and resolute on our quest to free Biafra. Ede David Chinagorom, fearlessly made his stand known his present condition in prison is a prize that must be paid to make Biafra restoration a reality, he used Nelson Mandela as an instance who fought to savage South Africa from Apartheid Policy or White supremacy. He relentlessly ascertained his vowed either Biafra or nothing, both of them extended their warm regards on behalf IPOB inmates in various Nigeria prison, encouraged all hardcore Biafrans around the globe to remain resolute like our Onye Ndu Mazi Nnamdi kanu. It was a thing of joy; they never seized to acknowledge efforts by our legal team and Falks road zone1 and eminent Biafrans for their support so far.

As we were about taking our leave we observed some prison officers wore Biafra bangle which means they are guilty of the same crime label against innocent IPOB inmates, after all set and done we handed over token to them as we happily hugged each in farewell.

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