By Kelechi Okorie, For TBP
June 30,2018
Nnamdi Kanu, the leader of Indigenous People Biafra and Director of Radio Biafra and Nostradamus has the same instincts with a little different demarcation of past and present prophecies that came to pass. 400 years ago when people were snoring in deep sleep, Nostradamus predicted a powerful prince shall rise up at the trigger of the Gun to liberate his people from Biafra. The same way Nigerians were in darkness when excessive extrajudicial ethnic cleansing of Benue people was first broadcasted over the Radio Biafra London, anchored by IPOB supreme leader, the government took it upon themselves as a hate speech and propaganda, many saw it as a mere talk that must be disregarded. Now retributive law or law of karma is naturally taking its place to reflect on the prophecy. Though, Biafrans felt disheartened for mass onslaughts in Benue, against vulnerable innocent population but truth must be told the Trojan horse that sucked the blood of millions of Biafrans during the Holocaust is under the shield shivering helplessly at the time of action, seeking aids from all corners but yet to publicly acknowledged his roles against the children of Most High Chukwu Okike Abiahma, at the time he was then Military head of State. Never did he know, those collided with him against Biafra will turn around and kill him now, the law of nature is paying back using cows as an excuse to unleash attacks, those that doubt can confirm it before their eyes that what goes up must surely come down. Islamization is speedily coming to wipe out all Christians in Nigeria as been predicted earlier but it was taken for granted as an impossible mission, forgotten Turkey was 99 percent Christians later overran by Muslim extremists. Without proactive measure to face the security challenges Buhari’s Islamic trained jihadists will continue unabated killings without government interference, he being a sponsored with Ibrahim Badamosi Babangida as arrowhead of Islamic OIC agenda, they cannot eradicate it instead it will be allowed to spread widely. Buhari will keep defending Fulani herdsmen in all ramifications, at White House, he deceived the world to believe that his kinsmen that are on rampage wrecking havoc on daily basis with sophisticated armories only go about with sticks even when herdsmen claimed responsibility on several deadly attacks, he still maintain skeptic. Boko Haram are not left out, they were orientated that Western Education is evil but used modern technology to commit mass murder. They always have an excuse to perfect a well-orchestrated deal usher by their masters, till date Nigeria president has not condemn them instead he morally harbor them and otherwise. It is on record where he said attack against Boko Haram is an attack against the North, he equally made it clear that he will continue to show openly inside of him the total commitment to the Sharia Movement that is sweeping all over Nigeria, he vows never to stop the total implementation of the movement in the country. This Boko Haram terrorist is in Northeast accomplishes what was expected of them while its annex Miyyatti Allah on other hands, playing its own part speedily to overtake Biafra soil, by all means, using Benue as their hotbed, both Zoo president and his Chiefs securities are playing at gallery leaving victims died severely without prosecuting perpetrators rather compensating them with cattle colonies and employment in all strategic security outfits to further legal unabated killings for state-sponsored terrorism led by Buhari. Severally these terrorist groups claimed responsibility of killings none of them were neither arraigned in a court of law nor imprison for murder instead hopeless security always jump out like mad dogs looking for whom to devour whenever IPOB is on peaceful protests exercising their legitimate right for self-determination. The church is not exceptional, men of God are targeted, and they now acknowledged what IPOB has been fighting for over the years that Hausa Fulani is above the law where the constitution was made to be supreme. Five people were sentenced to death for allegedly attacked herdsmen whereas, the same law easily squeezed for hundreds of people murdered in a cold blood by Fulani herdsmen. It is now a culture and nothing shall make the killings stop hence Miyyatti Alla patron Muhammadu Buhari, still remains in that sit of power, Nigerians are field up but only Biafra restoration can eradicate the killings, failure to adhered Yes to Biafra referendum, devil himself will chase the living victims to oblivion for not having common reasoning to substantiate life and dead. Without any shred of doubt government agents shall come with their normal political rhetoric to lobby gullible fellows to canvass their votes on forthcoming 2019 election, choice for rationalize life (Biafra referendum) and dead (Nigeria election), serenity and social upheaval on which are convenient for logical thinkers perhaps,only the wise make a right choice at this critical time.

Published/Edited by Anyi Kings
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