Biafra: To Honour our Heroes; Biafrans urged to Disregard Hired Fulani Agents Trying to Insult the Memory of our Gallant Soldiers

The Biafra Post | May 18, 2018

Mazi Nnamdi Kanu, IPOB Leader
Contact the owner of Oriental Times and ask him if he has joined the enemy to insult the memory of our war dead? Africans are the only people that never honour those that died for them. Most of us are Christians because Christ died for us according to the New Testament. Why can't we therefore remember the millions that died that we may live.

This is why IPOB is unlike any other group of people. We honour those that sacrificed their lives for us as expected of any civilised group of people. As arguably the most civilised black people in the world, we Biafrans must remember those that made the supreme sacrifice for us. It's a show of appreciation and thanks for their heroism and patriotism. Every civilised nation on this earth has a day they remember their heroes; in Biafra-land we shall do the same.

There are those hired by Aso Rock to try and insult the memory of our war dead, to those people we say may their days be bleak and may none fight for them in their time of distress. Heroes remembrance is a sign of intellectual and moral maturity not mere celebration. If you are not grateful for what those that passed did, how can current or future generations make the same sacrifice for you? This line of trying to subtly discourage and dissuade our people from paying their respects to our heroes will fail because every living soul, with the notable exception of collaborators, is a Biafran.

That Dr. Nnamdi Azikiwe and Dr. Alex Ekwueme were not allowed to rule Nigeria is because they are Biafrans. General Aguiyi Ironsi, Dr. Chuba Okadigbo, Harry Marshall, Ken Saro Wiwa, Isaac Adaka Boro were all killed because they were all Biafrans. 30th of May sit-at-home is not about politics, liberation struggle or leadership tussle; it's about doing the right thing by a grateful society for those that used their blood to save millions of us that are alive today.

Anybody remotely contemplating defying the sit at home order is not worthy to be a free being. Prof. Chukwuma Soludo, Nnia Nwodo and the rest of the Fulani sponsored quislings in Biafra-land along with their brown envelop journalists will never weaken our resolve or dampen our spirits. Come May 30th, we shall sit at home in honour of our heroes. Saboteurs can leave Biafra-land on the 29th of May and return on the 31st.

Those sponsoring these media gibberish to dishonour our gallant men and women that fought the world for 30 months without any assistance will meet their demise soon. They dishonour the dead because they have no honour themselves. 30th of May is a date that will be hallowed for ever and ever. Long after the descendants of these agent provocateurs are gone from the face of this earth, Biafrans will still sit at home every 30th of May. Our 30th of May is for life not just in 2018. Traitors do your worst, we must respect and honour our heroes.

By IPOB Online Media Team

Editor/Publisher: Chinwe Korie
Twitter: @ckorie17



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