By Odirachimma Ezeobi - TBP May 21, 2018 The term Freedom is perceived as the absence of coercion, or constraint in choice or action. Freedom is also viewed as the state of being free from slavery, subjugation and servitude. Because of freedom, the black Africans who were taken into slavery through the Sub-Saharan route of Africa headed towards the city of Ohio conspired to jump into the mighty ocean and die than living as slaves in the white mans land; they did this because they knew quite well that death was better than being bondmen and women taken into slavery. For the sake of freedom from being intimidated, the Black Americans decided to trek down to work and boycott public transportation system in the United States of America, with this notion in mind you quickly remember the brave role played out by Mrs. Park and Dr. Martin Luther King Jnr. Because of freedom from colonialism, Mahatma Gandhi and the people of India embarked on civil disobedience which saw thousands of Indians massacred by the ever cruel British government. Because of freedom from being wiped off from the surface of the planet earth, Biafrans were massacred in their millions by the Nigerian government aided by the British Government and other forces of darkness. Many Nations of the world had in one time or the other being subjected to massacre and inhuman treatment for seeking to be free from colonialism or any force that impedes on their rights as humans. For the sake of freedom, Nelson Mandela spent 27years jail term so as to liberate his Black South-African race from the supremacy and clutches of white men that invaded their land and enslaved his people; took their properties as booties and shared their loots amongst them. With this explanation as a yardstick, the road to freedom has proven to be most controversial of all times, one do not get to understand this until you embark on such a mission yourself. Because of freedom from intimidation and subjugation Dr. Mutulu Shakur while fighting for the Black man freedom was incarcerated in the United States of America, we have also read from history books the pain associated with such movements but we never can understand the volume of their sufferings, pains and bloodshed until we align ourselves and get onboard the ship to restore Biafra. We see intricacies working out before our eyes, the path is so rough, frustrating and exhausting. A brother you stood with today will turn against you tomorrow but you got to keep moving. A comrade you stood by; side by side might be the one to receive the bullet tomorrow for you to live and keep fighting on until freedom is taken forcefully from the enemy's camp. You look back to take the flag of what you believe in from a comrade but the flag in his hands have already changed to green and white. You look forward to sharing experience of protest with a comrade only to see her lifeless body and blood everywhere. There is so much pains associated with freedom fighting, I for once thought it would be an easy and smooth movement but it became clearer to me that the road to freedom is a very hard task and a stressful one. Who will stand at the end of the day?. Who will lift the flag even with a shaky hand?. Who will summon the courage to carry a brother pierced with bullets and march on?. We see brave men crawling as a result of gun wounds, we see the strong men fall and die like slaughtered animals, even the warriors amongst us becomes weak in minds and actions. The flag of freedom does not need the brave, it does not need the strongest but rather the determined minds. All the flag of freedom needs to be lifted above all flags is a determined soul, a focused mind and vision laden's heart. The storm will soon be over and the songs of freedom will be heard and take over, Biafrans be courageous for your voice has been heard in all the four corners of the earth causing your enemies to tremble in fears, shaking the foundation of wall of Jericho which is the confinement called Nigeria by the British imperialists.

Edited by Macdonald Nsubuisi
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  1. The days of restructuring are over, all we need now now is Biafra. Nigeria has already expired, only the criminals calling and dance for one useless country called Nigeria. The British should disappear from all this drama in Nigeria and Africa in general ✅.

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