Biafra: [Genocide In Biafra]: 30th Of Every May Must Be Sacrosanct To Be Observed In The Lives Of Every True Biafran Blood

By Eke Macdonald Ndubuisi - TBP
May 29, 2018

Malnourished Biafran children during the war
This is personal interviews conducted to unravel what happened or took place during the Biafra-Nigerian war, while the British government and her malicious media fronts lied to the sensilibilty of the world in general that Biafrans were rebels while genocide was going on.

In my last trip to Igweocha now renamed Port Harcourt the Rivers State Capital by the British government, where I engage one of my mom's eldest sister in a heart to heart chat, a sort of interview to garner a clearer picture of what happened to their immediate family and Biafrans at large during the war. I did this because I have heard so much of her ordeal and sufferings during the war times.

Miss Margaret Amadi now married as Mrs. Margaret Ugorji came from a family of seven [7]. At the time her most eldest sister who could have run all the family errands, now late of blessed memory Mrs. Josephine Anyadike was married at that time to Mr. Christopher Anyadike, and her elder brother Amadi Iheanacho next to her being the third child had been enrolled into the Biafran Army by the Biafran soldiers together with her late father. She narrated her ordeals to me, how it all happened and how she put her life in line to help gather food items for her family who were into hiding during the war time as they move from one place to another for safety; her suffering went out of hand when her father late Pa. Bernard Nwakona Amadi developed malnutrition known as kwashiorkor while on the side of Biafran Army and was sidelined from war front and was quarantine for treatment.

The father before he fell into the hands of malnutrition [Kwashiorkor], was one of the finest and brave Biafran soldiers that shot down one of the Nigerian fighter jets hovering around Owerri and its environs causing deaths in tolls on the civilian Biafran population; he did not relent even in his sick bed as he coerced his son to follow suit despite that he was too young to face grown men on the side of Nigerian soldiers. His father did so much exploits as he was seen commanding the unit or division under him; serving to preserve humanity.

Mrs. Margaret then would trekked down miles to rural villages where markets open under heavy trees with broad leaves to buy food items and sojourn back home, atimes enroute deserted areas. In one of her accounts she narrated how she sometimes behave like an insane, acted deaf and dumb to avoid being raped by the Nigerian soldiers whenever she encountered them in some or most of her journeys for food items so that her family will have something to eat for the day because there were scarcity of foods. By then one normally prays to have at least a daily bread pending what tomorrow brings.

She was at a lost trying to articulate what could have motivated the Nigerian soldiers and if actually they were disciplined in one of such market day, the Nigerian Army detonated nay palm bomb where trading was on-going and killed almost everyone at sight during one of her visit to buy food items; luck was on her side because she have not nearly reached the market venue. It was a genocide indeed she told me with her voice shaking which depicts her agony as a young splinter growing up then.

According to her war experience accounts, there was a time when her elder brother's 'Biafran Army Pass' came to the father and she was mandated by her sick father to deliver it to her brother at their unit at Ngor Okpala.

On getting to the place, the Biafran soldiers had moved away from that very location to another location when they got information from their Intel that the Nigerian Army are advancing towards that area. She was lost and don't know what else to do as she went back into a neighbouring village to ask questions on how to locate the Biafran soldiers squatting at the place. She was directed on how to see them, while embarking on the route directed by them, she was intercepted by some Biafran soldiers and asked who told her about their current location as she was percieved as a Nigerian informant and a saboteur working for the Nigerian soldiers because she was ravishingly beautiful, but she proved her innocence and took oath upon oath that she was on a mission to deliver her brother's military identity to him.

She told them how the villagers directed her to their path. Her brother's identity saved her; and if not, they would have wasted her. Next thing they did was to kneel her down with some Biafran soldiers on guard monitoring her every body movement until they get to his brother and command.

Another tragedy account from her was the bombing of hospitals by the Nigerian soldiers where malnutrition children and bullet wounded patients were receiving treatment, this inordinate act killed everyone on sight and the British media sensored it from being telecasted.

On another account of the war, I had a chat with an uncle currently residing in Ogun State, Mr. Hyacinth Okoroafor who also as a young boy fought on the side of Biafra; his own account was horrible to behold as many died on the Biafra side due to inadequate weaponries and total blockade by the Nigerian government. According to him Biafra did not lose the war but because or as a result of food shortages, scarcity and blockade, Biafrans resolved to drop arms and embrace peace, and hoped to later engage the Nigerian government in guerrilla warfare when normalcy would have become a top priority, but that fizzled out because hunger was much in the land.

According to his personal war accounts, he recalled when and how Owerri fell into the hands of the rampaging, invading Nigerian soldiers and how General Chukwuemeka Ojukwu called back Colonel Joe Achuzie from Port Harcourt to help restore Owerri back to a semi-serene state and Col. Joe Achuzie did it like a magician and Owerri regain her sanity back which also according to him was the reason Owerri fell last because the Nigerian soldiers were afraid to enter Owerri with full force as a result of a devastating blow Col. Joe Achuzie did to them.

The sights of dead bodies and vultures devouring them without proper burial rites made Biafran to soldier on believing that the world will not betray them but eventually, Biafrans were a people betrayed by the rest of the world; dead bodies were littered in the streets of Biafra, nursing mothers' breast dried off from breast feeding their offspring; children were seen with their ribcages coming out of their fleshes as some were flew away while many died on arrival of intervention planes to fare them away.

Many breast feeding mothers died as a result of lack of foods and drugs while breast-feeding their babies; and as a result too, these babies became orphans. Houses were razed down and educational system was halted for three good years. From this verifiable accounts from those that witnessed the war, there was indeed a genocide in Biafra.

What is the world doing to bring to book those that committed this inhuman acts against humanity? Why is humanity silence over these atrocities committed against a people fighting for survival in their land and not encroaching on another's boundary. Why are the actors of these crime against humanity still free today? Why are they not in jail? The world owe the Indigenous People of Biafra the answers to these questions even as the genocide is still going on till this day with no one answering any charge[s]

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