Comr Odirachinma Ezeobi (TBP)
April 28,2018 This article for the benefit of doubt is not written to attack any individual or set of opinions being propagated by different media house both those in support of Biafra and those against her freedom rather it is set for the singular aim of putting the record straight here and stimulating the minds of the populace to think deep and take charge of their collective destiny. The clamour for the acquisition of permanent voters card (which we "lazily" abbreviated to PVC) seems to have taken the centre stage in the Nigerian polity. Forming the majority of those making this call are regrettably those who used the influence of the IPOB leader Mr Nnamdi Kanu to shout for a total restructuring of Nigeria a few months ago. Now it seems our hope lies in possessing voters card other than restructuring Nigeria, they would argue readily that to restructure Nigeria, there should be a change in the political actors in Nigeria. But I dare ask, who is the saint that we are so sure voting in will bring the desired change? Among the popular candidates is former vice president of Nigeria Mr Atiku Abubakar who seems to be the rival to Muhammad Buhari. In the game is also the newly formed social democratic party by Olusegun Obasanjo and co "saints". How then is the victory of any of these fraudulent old men your victory and much awaited golden chance and change? From the other end, we have IPOB calling for a referendum for the final exit from Nigeria. The people are already disenchanted with the Nigerian system and with available data, there is clearly no evidence that change will happen in the world most unstable country by name Nigeria. With the killings going on in all parts of Nigeria and the eternally dented image of Nigeria, nobody even the pretenders is proud to be identified as a Nigerian home and abroad. The political class are much aware of the above facts that is why they clamour for PVC possession so as to make sure the international community are deceived to believe all is well with Nigeria. Prove them that Nigeria is seriously sick and to save Niter is scientifically simply means to save the lives making that entity, to save those lives is to grant them their constitutional global right of self-determinism. Biafra referendum should be most preferable and not an election that had never worked which is scientifically already proven that there is no eligible sign that it will work in the nearest future...

"Progress is impossible without change and those that cannot change their mind cannot change anything"
George Bernard Shaw.
(Note: criticism is highly welcomed)

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