Comr Odirachinma Ezeobi (TBP)
April 30,2018 To the most esteemed President Donald Trump of America, I write this very short article for history sake. As you set to welcome president Muhammadu Buhari in the white house, I wish to remind you of the plight of innocent civilians who are held against their consent in the Union known as the Nigerian state, these people are Biafrans. You will agree with me Sir that during your campaign to be the President of America, this same Biafra under the aegis of IPOB rallied and supported your election. They apart from God and their charismatic leader, the other person they entrusted with their freedom was you, Mr Donald Trump, because they believed in your ability to give justice to the world. They risked their jobs and livelihood and campaigned for you, sir. The worst of their complaint today is the planned visit of a man who sent out his killing squad to massacre Biafrans because of your victory. Yes it was because of your victory, on 20th January 2017, Biafrans converged on the street of Port Harcourt to celebrate your victory in America but because the Buhari saw your victory as his defeat, he sent the combined forces of his armies, navy, DSS etc to hunt them down like animals and it was done with less impunity, USA, Israel and Biafrans flags went up in flames on the street of Port Harcourt and evidences abound.. Sir, many Biafrans are still languishing in jails since 20th January following their arres by DSS and they were shamelessly charged with treason for celebrating your victory and the worst is that Buhari had made their trials most unfair and impossible to be granted bail. As the murderer of Biafrans on your inauguration day. sir, we ask of you a favour and that is to prevail upon him to release Biafrans he is holding hostage in port Harcourt maximum prison and different secret cells across Nigeria. We ask of you for the sake of those murdered on 20th January to prevail on him to allow Biafra referendum so the people can decide where to be and Nigeria is a signatory to the international law that supported self determinism as the right of all indigenous people. Let Buhari be compelled to obey the principle of pacta sunt servanda.
God bless united states of America
God bless Biafra

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