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Anchored By Miss Chinenye Chukwu - TBP. Odirachinma Ezeobi, Chidiebere Mba - Guests April 27, 2018 Greetings to all men and women of a good conscience; from the desk of Biafra Post writers crew, we are here to deliberate on the forthcoming Nigeria general elections and other subsequent elections that may emanate from election misconducts and cancellation of election results which may lead to a re-run of the exercise. Dear readers welcome back to the most expository program on this news platform tagged the "Hard Truth". After a critical observance this week and the clamour from some quarters in Nigeria that the Indigenous People of Biafra should endeavour to get their permanent voter's card ready and vote in the forthcoming 2019 general elections, this persuasion cum ideology came from some writers and acclaimed learned journalists in Nigeria and Biafra at large. Here on the Biafra Post platform, we have concluded our thesis to prove to them that you don't argue on a case with undeniable facts of "contrafactum non-argumentum est". Please, readers should try to read between the lines and see how the Biafra Post analogists on Hard Truth dissected and put the records straight on this trending issue of Nigerian election and Biafra referendum. Voting in Nigeria elections is legitimizing the oppressors to keep on ruling on their oppressed subjects. No matter how massive the people of Biafra vote, they are structurally positioned to lose in all aspects if they should continue voting within this Nigeria unorganized systems, the Indigenous People of Biafra will keep making a charade of themselves and the situation before the eyes of the International systems. It will be seen as if the Indigenous People of Biafra are in support of the cruel Nigerian government, therefore It is better for the Indigenous People of Biafra to register their total displeasures by avoiding Nigerian elections; with the status like we inferred here ab initio that voting legitimizes their illegitimate regimes in Nigeria. Voting cannot solve the Indigenous People of Biafra general and individual problems because even if an Igbo man becomes the President of Nigeria tomorrow, the people of Biafra will still yarn for the Biafra Republic while he is still the President of Nigeria, the Indigenous People of Biafra situation will worsen because tactically he will use his position and intelligence to kill Biafra and if he try otherwise to pronounce Biafra freedom the Nigerian Northern oligarchy will send him to hell like Peter Obi, Rochas Okorocha, Orji Uzor Kalu or who?. Permanent Voter's Card [PVC], is not the solution to the Biafra quest and question. We must live to vote and voting is an exclusive right of the living. It is quite disheartening that those who should write to compel the political office holders and who is who in Biafra land to begin to see the urgent need to equip the people of Biafra so as to be able to defend ourselves and our regions has decided to align themselves with the tormentors of their people. Yes, it has gotten to that and efforts should be geared towards defending ourselves and regions not minding these wannabes and political harlots in Biafra land. Political leaders in Biafra land must put politics and party politics aside and discuss the safety of their people in Nigeria. A Bishop of one of the new generation Churches in Tiv land who didn't want his name in print confided in us that the greatest weakness facing middle belt as a region is the disunity amongst their governors. According to him, their region is so weak that they are greatly divided on how to confront these evil men and defend their land but believes that Tiv Nation will never be subdued. To this end, PVC can be rightly described as a ticket to avoidable death. For the fact those who have written rigorously on the need for Nigeria to restructure or burst now write to encourage you to participate in the political process should give you concern. Why Biafrans shouldn't vote in the forthcoming general elections some quarters asked, but the Biafra Post analogists stand to be corrected with the superior argument, begging to disagree with the Question, rather the question should be put this way. Why is it that the People claiming to be Nigerians should not vote in the forthcoming general elections slated to hold in 2019?. Analogists:- we shall start by saying thus, once upon a time, a white foreigner from Scotland under the United Kingdom is popularly known as Britain with his countrymen and neighbours invaded Africa and her people after conquering Western Africa, went ahead to form colonies so as to be easy for controlling and governing the Indigenous people there as they cart away with the people 'Natural and Human Resources'. On that same journey of Colonial History, they (Colonial masters) formed or joined two different Independent Colonies together calling it Nigeria the term given to their newest Creation (Geographical Expression) in 1914. Most of us all know how it goes down, to save us the gist. Elections are held in an Organised Democratic Union or Environment. The political entity “Nigeria” since 1914 has proven otherwise even since her so-called Political Independence in 1963 has for no justifiable reasons survived on and with the blood of so many millions of people from a particular Region or Ethnicity (if we may use that word). To facilitate our current views, having established those points, we shall then take your mind to most recent happenings. The Constitution that binds the political entity called Nigeria was and is still a fraud; where it's preamble the first and most important piece of information that gives the Constitution it's supremacy is a Lie and false, it's said and we quote “We the people of Nigeria hereby make...........” Listen, there have never been a people of Nigeria, the name Nigeria was given by a stranger from that supposed Location and was gotten or named after a River in somewhere far away from Mali that flows through our Land and washes off in the big Atlantic ocean. Also there was never a time in the history whatsoever where ourselves or our fathers or people from all Nationalities, Ethnicities or Tribes came together and agreed on one collective Name and Constitution for themselves as a people. One man drafted and composed that piece of write up and imposed with impunity upon us. In 1999 where the political era “Nigeria” was said to have started faulted (we must add) Democratic Government from a previously Military Government, Voting of different types and levels started. Since 1999, Nigerians have been voting but nothing to show for it, as we keep on suffering and smiling, where workers are not being paid, where Political office holders who are meant to be of Service to Nigerians are done stealing from Nigerians with impunity on an hourly basis. Since 1999 voting of all sorts has be done, but nothing to show for it means that nothing has been done, then since nothing has be done, it implies that the problem is from the foundation at which the various structures and approaches were laid upon. Where we have old lazy and dying people from one particular area of amalgamated Nigeria are killing their follow compatriots so as to rule because they claim that “they are born to rule because it's their Grand father's Estate". With the present situation of things from 1999 to date, the continuous voting process is only prolonging the suffering, genocide, massacre and even bringing doom closer. If the Constitution is a fraud as earlier stated, the so-called Nigerians should be chanting for the renegotiation of the forceful union that has not yielded anything positive, not voting to prolong it. The present structure, System, Foundation and Policies in Nigeria and her fraudulent Constitution and Handlers will only give rooms for more Corruption, Killings and excuses as we have been seeing so far. Since the systems are already rigged by the fraudulent constitution against some certain people, same abnormalities will continue. For countless of years the Nigerian people have been voting but no positive results to show that their votes are been counted for, or worth the struggle to keep on voting, let us at the Biafra Post not to go a bit further discussing or even want to talk about nor mentioning the lack of basic amenities like pipe borne and treated water, epileptic electricity supply, good health facilities, good networkable roads, housing Projects for her citizens, sound education and educational system devoid of quota system etc. These things mentioned herein are supposed to be provided and ready to use by the government as part of fulfilling their onus of dividends of Democratic settings. Seriously speaking out as Biafrans to vote under the fraudulent Nigeria 1999 constitution and Nigeria elections continuously is to give a go-ahead order to the killings of Indigenous people by Fulani foreigners who are aided by their supposed Fulani President of Nigeria. To critically analyze this ruse question of voting and not voting here; directly Biafrans do not have any business whatsoever in Nigerian Elections. The people of Biafra cannot vote further no more to avoid the continuous slavery in their own Land. The Indigenous People of Biafra are asking for their freedom through a referendum process known as Self-determination, to the Biafrans the term referendum is the only thing that makes sense to them at this point in time not Nigeria elections of a vote and die. To avoid the usual bloodsheds during Nigeria elections as it is now a tradition in Nigeria to shed human blood during and after elections of giving the masses hopeless and hypnotised promises that will never be fulfilled. To send a strong signal that the Indigenous People of Biafran are serious about their freedom, the people have vowed not to meddle with Nigeria elections till further notice to secure their future and that of their unborn generation yet to come and also shoving it down memory lane that Nigeria is an expired country that seizes to exist in agreement since the 1st of January 2014. So is of no importance talking of Nigeria elections or even participating in any fraudulent Nigeria elections.

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