(critical overview)
By Maazi Odirachinma nwawube Ezeobi (TBP)
April 7, 2018

It is of essence that the general public be well informed as to how and why the issue of restructuring became a national issue in Nigeria. It is also equally of importance that we critically survey the game plan of the "restructuring campaigners" and its importance to national development and in particular the well being of the Biafran people. Restructuring became a national discourse that same moment the clamor for a free Biafra became unavoidable. Factual is the assertion that the fearless call for a restructured Nigeria was one major sin of Mazi Nnamdi Kanu of the indigenous people of Biafra(IPOB). It was the fact that Nigeria state had no other option to "distract" the Biafran cause which seems to take them unaware that created the atmosphere for most politicians to divert to restructuring.

Having said the above, we will now critically argue on the phrase that most Nigerian politicians use as a bait to Biafran "agitators" "A RESTRUCTURED NIGERIA IS AS GOOD AS A FREE BIAFRA". The words in all ramification sounds so juicy and tantalizing but that does not destroy the fact that it remained an incomplete statement and bias. It is incomplete and bias because it looks at the Nigerian problem from the perspective of the Nigerian side without any consideration of the indelible rights of the Biafran people . A restructured Nigeria is as good as a free Biafra, it will grant Biafrans all the rights they desire and fight to have in a free Biafra. A restructured Nigeria would have given Biafrans rights to control their political, and economical future but..

Since a restructured Nigeria will be as good as a free Biafra, why not Biafra?

If IPOB leadership claims to be well equipped towards restoration of Biafra, they should be given kudos for that, if IPOB can make Igbo leaders to shout for restructuring then you dare not ignore IPOB or take them for granted.

Yes, apart from controlling our economical and political rights, what about our identity. We know very well the game plan of the Nigerian government with the self acclaimed Igbo leaders calling for restructuring For the benefit of doubt, the youths should know very well that in a restructured Nigeria, those men of little honor we place in position of leadership, same men who had betrayed our trust and had taken everything to themselves.

Those men with pot bellied tummies in Abuja will be equipped with greater power to direct our actions. If they can hijack everything that belongs to us now, how much more when they control the military and police Organized crime is what we are clamoring for in name of restructuring.. If they believe restructuring is as good as Biafra, ask them, why are they afraid of a free Biafra. They are afraid of Biafra because there will be no chance to loot. They are afraid of Biafra because most of them will not be qualified to pilot our affairs and the system will not allow them to loot .

.Let's keep on fighting for a free Biafra because we have no chance to triumph and better our nation as we want.it. in a restructured Nigeria . A free Biafra is our last hope and no man can confuse our dream.
Biafrans keep on pushing till we restore Gods kingdom on earth.

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