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March 2, 2018

Since after the popular Chinese film, Snake In The Monkey Shadow; it became the common Karate expression for deceit or disguise. Recently; a snake swallowed millions of Naira in Nigeria and the following day; monkey did same but neither in the shadow of either one. The actual event that came in the shadow of another is Dapchi school girls kidnap. We will review how Dapchi school girls are in the shadow of Chibok school girls.

A few years back; Boko Haram stormed Chibok and kidnapped hundreds of students and went into Sambisa forest with them. Nobody knew the reason those girls were kidnapped; to some, Boko Haram terrorists were sex-starved and picked some fresh Hausa/Fulani girls for sex. To others; Jonathan’s government was targeted for jeopardy. Few saw it as business and a politically motivated move to accrue wealth. While Thomas’ like us believed Chibok is a pure scam; though we have reasons to believe.

As soon as Chibok girls were abducted; the then U.S president saw an avenue to finally nail the Christian regime in Nigeria and give Islam easy pass. Obama’s wife immediately dressed in her long gorgeous gown and snapped a quality picture in support of #bringbackourgirls campaign. Oby Ezekwesili became a lioness by dusk and slept on the streets of Abuja. Jonathan was sweating like one under the scorching reign of the sun; the polity heated up and there was no breathing space for the presdo. We praised God that he did not die of stress or hypertension; they really chocked him badly.

Muhammadu Buhari is a lucky man; Donald Trump is a free busy man; so busy with the job of making America great. Melina Trump is a first lady that respects herself and gives people benefit of doubt; she would not raise #bringbackourgirls but would work assiduously to make sure assistance is given to ensure the rescue of the girls. Oby Ezekwesili has developed weak bones; old age has come upon her, she can only rant from the comfort of her office and no longer sleep on the streets of Abuja with a banner.
Many thanks to Buhari; he has at least shown that blabbing and rattling tongues can be tamed; I saw a Senior Advocate of Nigeria screaming at people to give Buhari chance and time to work for the release of Dapchi girls even when the Chibok girls he said he would release if elected are nowhere to be found. Nobody seems to be talking because criticizing Buhari is asking for a home in Nigerian prisons or inviting EFCC, DSS and others. Buhari is really reaping the military and draconian regime of his; Democracy in Military shadow.
By the time Dapchi girls abduction happened; Chibok has accumulated massive wealth for them, the billions of dollars international community released to Nigerian leaders and those borrowed to fight Boko Haram. Of course; the kidnap of Chibok girls internationalized Boko Haram and Nigerian politicians cried that if Boko Haram was not fought massively, they will kidnap all the girls in Nigeria. The money kept coming in to fight Boko Haram and rescue Chibok girls and it was a cool business. In the end; the billions of dollars gotten could not release Chibok girls even though Buhari and his cabals presented few mothers that were tagged released Chibok girls to tell the financier of war against Boko Haram that objective was reached.
More like the money is no longer coming in as before; they have stroke another deal; Dapchi school girls again and this brings us back to square one. This is the due time to ask Buhari and his cabals; all the money released to this government to fight Boko Haram, where did it go and what did you achieve? Of course; Boko Haram is still bombing everywhere, still ambushing soldiers and still kidnapping school girls, what improvement was recorded since Jonathan left due to the promise that this government will release Chibok girls and stop abductions? It would be very foolish of anybody to continue to release money to this government in the name of fighting terrorism without proper accounting. They can always buy the media to announce progress and victory but Boko Haram will keep killing, growing and abducting more girls. When you look back; you will realize that Boko Haram is a business and those fighting for religious independence through state division. You will also see that all the money given to them was squandered and not used for anything.

Like Chibok girls; they have come with the blame game, federal government blaming state government and state government blaming local government, local government blaming school authority and school authority blaming students while students blame their parents and parents blaming God. Army blames police while police blame vigilante groups and accomplice Nigerian media releasing a report of how the army knew of the abduction and helped the abductors. It’s from one story to another and after the blame game; the next will be fundraising on how rescue will happen. Billions of Naira will be released; they will buy houses, use it for their re-elections and after three years the money has been squandered and another kidnap will happen again. The girls kidnapped will either be killed or raped to death and few girls will be staged as Dapchi girls and Nigeria is a sweet place to lie.

The atrocities in Nigeria have reached a point humanity should not harbour it again and only the balkanization of the contraption can solve its problems. The tribally battered country has lost value for humanity and Nigerians in a bit to get political relevance, wealth and religious independence, kidnap and kill her citizens. It is high time we brought to an end the existence of this failed experiment by Britain. Until Nigeria is divided and people go back to their natural boundaries and rebuild nations and inculcate the spirit of nationhood, humanity will continue to suffer great loss.
Ifeanyi Chijioke writes from Abuja He is an author, Analyst, investigative journalist and TV anchor

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