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March 8, 2018

Sitting relaxed on his couch with a buttressing pillow and his eyes were not bothered but his mind fixed on the message he wanted to deliver to me. Anambra state election was few months away; I knew he had interest in the election and I was also prepared for his message. IPOP recently announced election boycott and political leaders in Anambra state were restlessly moving from one place to another to find who would convince Nnamdi Kanu led IPOB to drop the boycott. Meeting Achuzia was seen as the easiest way to reaching Nnamdi Kanu the leader of IPOB. Achuzia’s exploits and position in Biafra during the 1967 independence war speak volume of his influence and endeared him to this generation of agitators. Those that approached him wanted to diplomatically bring Nnamdi Kanu into conformity.

I would not accede to election simply because IPOB cannot go back on the decision to boycott that specific Anambra state election. Prior to official announcement of election boycott, fake news broke out that Nnamdi Kanu received money and cars from the government of Anambra state and also, no election campaigners have championed the public. Any decision to rescind the boycott will backfire on Nnamdi Kanu led IPOB. It would give credence to the fake news and also usher in doubt; in all fairness, Nnamdi Kanu’s character was on the line and as such, he would not in human existence rescind the election boycott as at that moment. The people of Biafra was at the extreme; no matter how precious your argument was over rescinding the election boycott, you would be tagged saboteur and attacked massively. A wise man would respect his self and wait for a fairer time to present his argument. And when I met Achuzia and his argument was on rescinding election boycott; I calmly recorded his message but had to wait for the appropriate time to launch it. After Achuzia spoke to me in clear term; I decided not to use my column or give his opinion a breath, after all, he has been speaking to various media houses and they aired every bit of his interview. Among the Biafran populace; I anticipated my column has the strength to channel the mind of the people and I didn’t want to come between the people and politicians that very moment the polity was heated. Had I worked on this topic before Anambra state election; another fake news had sprang among the Biafran populace that I have been bought by politicians and in all fairness, I was in close touch with a number of them for news. I felt it wise to tarry till the appropriate time to make news article out of his opinion. Still sitting on his couch and choosing his words one after another; he observed me a while and threw smart questions at me to know my stance on the election boycott but I was quick to let him know that I am a journalist looking for the best opinion to market. He paused and adjusted himself on the couch; and began with his meeting with Nnamdi Kanu. “Kanu came here to see me and we agreed on a lot of things but he has not come again since then and I want him to keep coming” his commanding voice reflected his military days. He paused again to avoid digressing; he did not want to tell me confidential things he discussed with Nnamdi Kanu and I wanted to know, I was curious but I had to hide my curiosity.

“All I am saying is; Nnamdi Kanu must allow election to take place; let them do their election, we have nothing to do with them. Nobody will give you referendum even though you boycott election, we can only organize referendum ourselves and make sure everybody come home and vote” he confidently said like a father speaking to a son lost to the consuming exuberance of youth. “If you choose peaceful agitation; you must allow politics because they will come down heavily on you with their guns if you stop election. Even though IPOB leaders won’t vote; they should not tell the people to boycott election. If we are peaceful; we must create peaceful atmosphere with the politicians who are leaders because they have guns” he fluently said with careful words.

“But if this election will be boycotted; then we must get guns, raid police and army barracks and have arms. Then when you say no election; I will support it because there is something we have. What am I saying? I want you to tell Kanu to allow the election to hold; tell him that is what I said; the election should hold” he repeatedly said.

My recording phone was about to slip under my hand but I held it firmly; just few weeks ago was his Ninety Two years birthday and Anambra state government fully took part and gave him birthday presents and that was when the juvenile spirit in me rebelled. I said to myself; Colonel is now supporting election because he received financials gifts and lots more from Anambra state government and I was adamant despite the voice of reason- I refused to hear.

Finally; this news article does not in any shape or form represent my idea or opinion but I found it worthy that the words of an elder may be profitable even in my ignorance. Another election period is coming and without guns, we are on that same path and the fate of Anambra will most likely be the fate of others.

Death has taken a warrior who cheated it for three years in front of a battle. Rest in peace Col. Joe Achuzia.



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