Written By Comr. Onyegbula Solomon - TBP
Published March 05, 2018

Biafrans peacefully protesting for the release of their leader, Mazi Nnamdi Kanu
William Shakespeare did write  in one of his books " I have gone far, it is better for me to continue than to withdraw". Each time I remember this statement, I draw extra courage and unprecedented motivation to continue fighting for my freedom, which is the restoration of Biafra.

Therefore the Indigenous People of Biafra must fight to finish. The Biafra restoration project has gotten to a point where the chaffs are being separated from the wheats; it has gotten to a point where the enemies of Biafra restoration have manifested and shown who they truly are, yet we must not be discouraged because - we must fight to finish.

Many of us have been abandoned by our loved ones, family and friends for the sake of this divine project, yet we have not given up because - we must fight to finish.

They have mocked us and still mocking us, they have increased that which troubles us, they have multiplied in geometric progression that want us eliminated, even those we started this journey with have joined the enemy camp to destroy us, but we have remained resolute because - we must fight to finish.

Our friends, members, loved ones have fallen in the battle field as we rally and protest for our freedom, we have been arrested, detained, tortured and even killed in hundreds just to silence us, yet we refused to be silenced because - we must fight to finish.

They invaded our leader's home killing every living thing and kidnapped our leader just to kill our spirit but the spirit of Biafra refused to die because - we must fight to finish.

They have frustrated us in many ways and even tagging us terrorist group just to take us off the streets, but in our closets we have remained more resolute than we were, because - we must fight to finish.

They told us that Biafra is dead and buried, but we asked who killed Biafra? Why was Biafra killed? Why was it buried? For the children of Biafra seeks to get answer to the questions because - we must fight to finish.

In our anguish, in our deaths, in our suffering, in our humiliation and dehumanization, in the face of evil and brutality meted against us, the world remain mute, but we refused to close our mouths because - we must fight to finish.

Even when the so called and self-acclaimed leaders of Biafra have voluntarily decided to wine and dine with the devil in other to continually subject us to eternal suffering and bondage, we refused to accept slavery because - we must fight to finish.

This short speech by our leader will keep echoing in my ear till we finish the battle in victory; "We have sworn an oath to restore Biafra or We die in the process, there will be no retreat and no surrender; if the option they give to us is to restore Biafra by violence then every living thing in the zoo will be destroyed....."

Yes we must fight to finish because going back is suicide, going back in willingly accepting slavery, going back is disrupting the agenda of Chukwu Okike Abiama for us, we must fight to finish because the flag of Biafra shall rise and never to go down again till the end of time.

We must fight to finish because Biafra restoration is the only thing that can appease the millions of people who died in this noble course.

We must fight to finish to secure this land for the generation unborn as a gift from us. We must fight to finish because without Biafra we are gone. We must fight to finish in order to stop the total Islamization of our Biafra territory. We must fight to finish because we are not cowards but rather we are born as men of integrity. A coward dies so many times but a brave man die only but once with honor.

Edited By Eke Macdonald Ndubuisi

Editor/Publisher: Chinwe Korie
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