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March 1,2018

As I write this essay; the next thing on the mind of the British news syndicate is the establishment of BBC Yoruba and this would complete the divide. No matter how much we hate Britain; they are really managing their failed artificially created contraption in a professional way. They gave you Hausa and now Igbo and the next is Yoruba.

BBC Igbo speaks volume of a failed amalgamation and a clear conviction that Nigeria as a country is not a unit and can never be a unit. More than a century of amalgamation and Britain is yet to find a cohesive Nigeria that can boast of unity. The pinnacle of this deceit is that Britain still goes about shouting one Nigeria while their failure pricks their conscience.

The establishment of BBC Igbo is simply due to the indigenous awakening championed by Nnamdi Kanu; it is a confirmation that Nnamdi Kanu led IPOB has exposed quite a lot and today BBC is struggling to bring balance. We all knew that since inception; it has been a romantic parley with Hausa/Fulani- the tool Britain uses to rule Nigeria. They gave them BBC Hausa language to show how much they love them. Afraid of the potential result of the agitation by IPOB; BBC Igbo was established to show a sense of belonging and tame Biafrans or prove a point that Britain is not favouring only the North. They knew that even media-wise; Igbos are marginalized and to kill the agitation and give Igbos sense of belonging in Nigeria, BBC Igbo is a smart move.

A close study of strategy shows that Nnamdi Kanu led IPOB will set agenda for you and when you step on it, it turns to be a trap. The agitation for the restoration of the sovereign state of Biafra championed by IPOB has thrown the country into fear. While BBC Igbo language is to pacify the people and make them believe Britain don’t love only Hausa, it has further opened up the divide in the country. Britain has shown that after more than a century; there is still no togetherness in a country they created and yet, search for unity seems to be an endless quest.
By establishing BBC Igbo; Britain is affirming the divide of the country that can never be together and this is more of the reason Britain must see to the dismemberment of the contraption that could not hold. Establishing BBC Igbo; it is clear that Britain is promoting tribal difference in Nigeria and a country with tribal sentiment will never come together or progress and this buttresses the fact that Britain is determined to crush humanity in their un-workable creation or failed experiment. Killing is on the rise; political vile and many more and all these are tribally sparked and by establishing tribal BBC, African most populace country is further soaked in blood and divide.
Most Biafrans/Igbos have openly attacked BBC Igbo and giving it undue publicity; the opposition is not cohesive because moves have been made. When the wife of the leader of Indigenous People of Biafra was invited to BBC Igbo, I had expected a boycott but she granted the interview which is a welcome development. We must accept the fact that BBC Igbo has come to be and will not go back and that is nothing but the effect of the agitation by the people of Biafra.
BBC- a British enterprise is a compromised media promoting Hausa/Fulani who became willing tools and using them to control and rule Nigeria. In 1967; the role played by BBC showed that they never can be trusted; concealing war crimes, reporting a riot in Nigeria while genocide was going on is the greatest inhuman act I have ever seen or heard in life. BBC will never change and neither will they stop lies and deceit against the people of Biafra who refused to be stooge’ and willing tools. But giving BBC Hausa undue publicity in the name of fighting proves that Igbos have not worked on their emotions.

The people of Biafra accept the media divide of Nigeria and everything to do with dividing Nigeria. While holding BBC Igbo; the people of Biafra can now clearly and in their own language inform Britain through BBC Igbo that the divide needed is not only media but political divide. The idea of opposing any form of the divide of the contraption is a misplaced priority for those agitating against BBC Igbo. Dividing Nigeria along the tribal line with BBC Igbo is a nice idea and yielding to the agitation championed by Nnamdi Kanu led IPOB.
By virtue of BBC Igbo; Britain is affirming to the fact that Nigeria is divided and hence everything must be divisively given. This should appeal to the political class in Britain that the centre in Nigeria cannot hold anymore and there is the need to peacefully part than violently part. Let the sane mind take this era of peace and admit that Nigeria has lost cohesion than tarry till the inevitable violence. No matter how much we pamper the divide; someday, this divide will be a monster that will threaten our lives and everything we have lived for.

BBC Hausa covers the North; BBC Igbo covers the South and BBC Yoruba is to cover West. let that Ijaw man that says he is not Igbo or Delta woman learn a clear lesson that those that divided you really know you and would always goof. Igbo is a language while Biafra is the people; and in Biafra, the people speak different languages with Igbo as the dominant language.

Ifeanyi Chijioke writes from Abuja He is an author, Analyst, investigative journalist and TV anchor

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