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Kelechi Okorie
Writes For TBP
February 14, 2018
I have made out time to study sadism, political dichotomy and politics of hatred in Nigeria against some tribes regarded as minority. Probably, it may not wither away in the next century, in a essence that their cruelty attempt to decimate the entire Biafrans in 1967-1970 always grooming in their mind to perfect their non accomplished desire. Psychologically they are provoke and sad seen Biafra alive. Nigeria president never pretends his hatred against Biafrans since he came into power, having played his role very well during civil war where he reportedly killed Biafrans in dozens to keep Nigeria one yet, nothing good has ever comes out from her. His partisan politics inflicts pains, untold hardship, and violation of human rights and untimely dead of innocent populace.

Inter society (NGO) on several occasions lamented high rate of military crackdown against unarmored civilians under his stewardship notwithstanding, he is yet to address the insecurity perpetrated by Northern military personnel in guise of Boko Haram/Fulani Herdsmen. His lopsided security appointments in favor of his kinsmen compel others to be submissive against their will at the barrel of guns. The Northern desperado was desired to capture power knowing full well other things might be easier for their cattle colonies with widespread of Islamization movement in Nigeria and beyond. He made his stand know to all and sundry that it is better baboon and monkeys soak in blood than allowing his political opponent remained in power, till date Nigeria soil drinks innocent blood on daily basis through his train solders of conquest.

Despite all odd, IPOB under the leadership of Nnamdi kanu, challenge his Islamic terror approach, this resistance stirred up people of good conscience like Islamic Scholar Imam Tawhidi, to objected Buhari’s determination and total commitment to flush infidels using Boko Haram. It seems that was not enough Sub- terrorist group MIYYETI ALLAH threatened to burn down Nigeria to the ground should their patron does not win a second time, presidency on other hand kept mute pretends it was not a national threat hence they spoke in favor of Buhari to remain in power.

The game of politics to retain power through terrorism and creation of grazing fields in every state as compensation makes presidency to be complicit in bringing these Hausa Fulani terrorists to justice. South East politicians and their partner in crime Ohaneze Ndigbo, became their willing tools as indirect rule was used during British colonialism at the detriment their people, it discourages Nigerians having confidence in this terror government. Military immunity and other serving government officials against International Criminal Court (ICC) preliminary instigation into both Shiites and IOPB massacred shall cripple excessive abuse of power and state sponsored terror attacks on unarm citizens which shall bring Buhari and his cohorts to the book of justice for terrorism. Finally, it is certain ICC will not tolerate miscarriage of justice found in Nigeria judicial system whenever presidency is vindicated on crime against humanity.

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