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I have been rightly accused of stoking the flames of religious debate thus making people change their perceptions, the accusation occurred when one facebook user based in London, Onyinyechukwu Ezeosika rebelled against Christianity, his reason was anchored on the fact that Christianity is not indigenous to us and that is a view I cautiously nurse. In all fairness; we cannot reject Christianity simply because it came from another people but we can reject Christianity because there is no superior reason to back it up as the purest.

History is very important and must always have direct effect on our reasoning; this is where I found out that the campaigners of Odinala (Indigenous religion) failed it woefully. The whole of them championing the idea of Odinala cut the practice from the stem without reaching the root. No matter how convinced you are; without aligning with traces of history to finding who you are or where you came from, you will always disgrace yourself. It is a pity that most Odinala campaigners are not ashamed of their poor knowledge of indigenous religion.

Let me quickly draw your attention to their belief; they said Jewish religion is not indigenous to us and also said Christianity is not. They made it plain that indigenous religion is the religion that concerns our various indigenous shrines without knowing that at a point in history, our indigenous religion got corrupted by the white via application of sorcery {black magic}. People go to different indigenous shrines to kill fellow men for rituals and other unholy acts, and the big question; is that also part of our indigenous religion? This is not attack against any belief because there are more holy indigenous shrines; where only but holy people can enter.

These campaigners also woke up and said they will burn the Bible without critically assessing their actions. The Bible contains the history of two religions; which is divided into versions, Old Testament and New Testament. The Old Testament has the history of the people of Israel and the worship of one God who created heaven and earth, whom we call Chukwu-Okike-Abiama while in the New Testament, we have history masterminded by Rome of a prophet sent on earth like other prophets which after his death, he was abused and idolized by Romans. In the New Testament; we have what is called The Trinity which directly altered the one-ness of God and to cover their idolatry, they pacified it with ‘Three In One God’. While to the children of Israel; theory of three becoming one is deceit and so they went back to the Old Testament, affirming Exodus 20 where Chukwu-Okike-Abiama said do not worship any other god except Me, even the god in heaven, hell, earth or beneath. So when you look at the idea of burning the entire bible; you begin to see that these campaigners were poorly tutored or directionless. But if they cast the Roman New Testament into the fire, I have no problem with that because they have direction by virtue of that.

The Issue of Odinala has to be critically looked into; the word Odinala is plainly defined as what has been with us since inception. Now to know what has been; one needs to look at history and not look at what is right now. The best way of knowing one’s history is when there are traces and archeological evidence. In this sense; the history that Gad sailed onto Omanbala River and settled in Aguleri is the purest history we have with evidence. We have Obu Gad - the home Gad built and everything he left over when he came and to help his descendants, he passed it on to others, saying, “Here shall be the trace of whom we are” probably because he knew time like this would come. I will not go into further details as a visit to Aguleri and a meeting with the custodians and aged leaders will convince you more than this boyish detail of mine.

However; if there is a trace left with archeological evidence and so on, why still wallow in darkness of whom you are? This now bring me to Odinala; to practice pure indigenous religion, we must start from what our father kept for us and what he kept was the Israeli way of worship and when you dig deeper, you can find everything about Gad in the Old Testament of the Bible. With this clear and pure history; why are they still fumbling and tumbling. Practicing strange Odinala in the name of Indigenous Religion; Odinala has to start from our root and not starting with Odinala the White man also corrupted.

I have already decided to extensively discuss this topic to arrest frivolous acts and bring sanity to our quest of knowing God. Now what happened actually and how did Indigenous Religion (Which is the religion of Gad our forefather) lost relevance?

Thousands of years ago; Mary miraculously put to bed a child and that child was named Yashua; he grew up to become a great prophet who healed and did many miracles. Roman Empire had taken over and ruling Israel as the world power. As time goes on; we all knew how it happened, Yashua was kissed and sold out and was later hanged on the cross and everything that followed.

When Rome noticed the great power of God who had used Yashua; because they don’t worship what cannot be seen, they began a campaign that he {Yashua} is God and accused Israel of killing God. Israel (Jews) was hated for this and slowly, they became persecuted people. First of all; Constantine woke up and declared that Sabbath shall be changed to Sunday against the indigenous Saturday in other to further make Israel irrelevant and it was adopted and followed. They went on religious conquest; conquering people around the world and forcing on them the worship of their new found God ‘Jesus’. Israel was subdued and Satan took over the world; preaching against what was written. Such preaching was behind the idea of turning against Exodus with Trinity.

But history is there for us to know what is right or wrong; I recently interviewed a friend that came back from Israel and I asked him, what are Israelites doing over there? He clearly noted that they worship on Saturday and respect their brother Yashua as a prophet like Isaiah and other great prophets. He clearly told me that nobody worships Yashua (Jesus) but worships the God that sent him on earth. I was not shocked but the question I finally asked was, does it mean Rome worship a different God and Israel worships a different God? He replied and said that in all fairness, that what he saw there is different from what he sees elsewhere. I took a deep breath and asked him again; is that Israel the Israel God said are his children- the people that are the foundation of God’s kingdom on earth according to the Bible? I mean are they that Israel that crossed the red sea, sons of David? He said yes that he saw everything; that ancient Israel is the same Israel of today. I finally asked him; why did people abandon the way of Israel for the way of Rome, why are we not worshipping the God of Israel but the God of Rome? Now he could not answer and I said thanks.

Israel may have not embarked on religious conquest but history is there for us to know our God. He that worships the prophet is worshiping the God of Rome whilst he that worships the unseen and untouched God of Israel is worshiping the ancient God that divided the red sea. The God that divided the red sea is our indigenous God, He is our root as Odinala and not foreign gods Solomon brought into the land of Israel through his concubines’ and wives. This is nothing but a way of once saying; for me and my Family, we shall worship the ancient God of Israel, who cannot be killed and slapped by men. Who cannot be abused and judged by men, who cannot be buried and raised from death. Hilibaba!! I am in the spirit; I can see the ancient of days; the God of Israel, the God that divided the red sea, the God that cannot not be touched or seen. The God of Biafrans; He is everywhere and any place you stay and call upon him, He answers. He doesn’t live in a church or synagogue; he can live anywhere hence you truly made there for Him.

Authored by Ifeanyi Chijioke - TBP

Editor/Publisher: Chinwe Korie

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