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February 10, 2018

In an exclusive report obtained from a reliable source in Abuja, The Biafra Post can authoritatively report that the sudden announcement of Operation Python Dance and Crocodile Smile III is a measure set aside to counter potential referendum being organized by IPOB in Southern Nigeria which constitutes the defunct Biafran territory. The military exercise which were previously done during festive period in the past two years- said to target kidnappers, armed robbers and contain crimes that come with December- but with the latest announcement coming in Jan/Feb- indicates a change of motive which our reliable source said is to counter the widely anticipated or mouthwatering referendum by the Indigenous People of Biafra. The announcement which came last week that Operation Python Dance and Crocodile Smile III will be carried out yet again was to pass a clear message to the Indigenous People of Biafra that Nigerian government will respond to the supposed referendum with everything it got.

Speaking on the yet to come Operation Python Dance and Crocodile Smile III; our source made it clear that the operation is hinged on the action of IPOB. He further stated that the date of the Operation will be announced once the federal government gets the date IPOB will conduct their potential referendum. Going further; he noted that a meeting was held in December 2017 regarding the potential referendum by IPOB and that message went out to the leadership of IPOB to discontinue the idea of referendum which they said the government would not take lightly with anybody found in the act they tagged “unlawful”.
The announcement that the operation will commence by the Chief of Army staff is to also play the waiting game of IPOB. The announcement was made to ring a bell to IPOB that federal government of Nigeria is waiting for them should they go on with the idea of a referendum. “The kick off for Operation Python Dance and Crocodile Smile III will be unveiled as soon as intelligence report is gotten on IPOB referendum date and the government is seriously following the thread. The Operation will start before the date for the referendum and it will be very brutal. Buhari has ordered for a brute force and the combing of Southern part of Nigeria is underway” he said. He noted that the federal government has started intelligence gathering and every unit of the Nigerian security is doing well and highly motivated for the task of stopping any potential Biafra referendum. The government of Nigeria has not released any official statement concerning the potential referendum but our source noted that the government is already apprehensive and would not like to heat up the polity. He further noted that work has started underground on how to contain the threat the referendum will pose to the cooperate existence of Nigeria. He also could not confirm if an order was issued that no government official within the presidency should react yet to the referendum vowed by IPOB. Meanwhile; the federal government of Nigeria has refused to enter into serious negotiation with Indigenous People of Biafra since the agitation took the centre stage under the watch of Mazi Nnamdi Kanu but according to our source, the federal government wants IPOB to call off the referendum and has extended the message which they believed must have reached the leadership of IPOB. It is yet to be understood how the Federal government wants IPOB to conform to its wish without approaching the body for a dialogue or negotiation. The absence of the leader of IPOB whose home was invaded couple of months ago complicated the situation as nobody could ascertain if he is alive or dead.

IPOB on its part has not shown any sign of dropping the referendum as the call for referendum continues to saturate the cyber space and the public. Operation Python Dance III will take care of Southeast Biafrans while Crocodile Smile III will take care of Southsouth Biafrans. But whatsoever becomes the case; Nigeria will lose in a situation of violence.

Reported by Ifeanyi Chijioke
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