The investigation into why Mrs. Onyekachi Orji has spent 22years prison term on awaiting trial has revealed that Chukwuma Innoson the CEO of Innoson Motors is the mastermind of the prolonged detention of the innocent woman who was accused of treasonable felony in her 9th month pregnancy which after arrested and illegally imprisoned, she delivered her child in Onitsha prison yard. Mrs. Onyekachi Orji was arrested and her family home raided with properties worth millions of Naira carted away in 2006. Her arrest which was seen as leverage to get hold of her declared wanted husband turned into a complicated matter after her husband surrendered but she was not released. Investigation showed that the trial of Mrs. Onyekachi Orji commenced few weeks after her arrest but within six months, the government prosecutor in charge of the case felt there was no case let alone evidence that warrants detention of the woman and that forced him to step down in the matter hence there were forces wanting the case to go their own way. A close source to the government’s prosecutor who pleaded his name and the name of the resigned prosecutor should not be in print stated thus “At a point; he felt the case would only be a waste of time as there was no evidence to buttress the charge that a pregnant mother is a felon simply because her husband was accused. He believes that the man the government wanted has surrendered and there was no reason to continue to hold innocent woman. He wanted the case to be accelerated and justice delivered but he was pressured and he has to resign from the case and nobody from the government took over again because there was no government interest in the woman” Meanwhile; when the government prosecutor resigned on ground that there is no case against Mrs. Onyekachi Orji; Chukwuma Innoson who vowed to make sure the husband of Mrs. Onyekachi Orji suffered after he was wrongly accused of being behind the kidnap of his Chinese workers contracted a personal fiat who took up the prosecution of the case. While her husband was charged with murder and kidnap, she was charged with treasonable felony alongside her sister in-law and others. It was indeed a heavy load for Innocent Orji and that was all Innoson wanted, to punish him severely before taking his life. The new personal fiat contracted by Innoson is his son in-law Barrister Oseloka Osuigwe who then took up the case and was sponsored by Innoson to make sure that the wife of Innocent Orji, his sister and his family paid the price of daring him even though Innocent Orji was wrongly accused and framed up for being a secessionist. The government abstained from the case leaving Innoson who masterminded the withdrawal of the first judge in the matter and solely brought in his puppet judge Hon. Justice Muhammed who constantly adjourned the case till the present 22years prison term awaiting trial. The adjournments were masterminded by Innoson’s personal prosecutor and puppet judge.

Chukwuma Innoson’s interest in the case grew to the extent that he was ready to do anything to ensure that the family of Innocent Orji suffered immensely to serve as a lesson to others who may dare to cross his path. Innoson believes that detaining the newly married wife of Innocent Orji will leave him traumatized forever or a harsher punishment for whatsoever he believed was done to his business and personality by agitating youths. Recall that in Biafra agitation got messier after Uwazurike was arrested and in reaction for not speaking out against the arrest of Uwazurike then, MASSOB blacklisted prominent leaders in Southeast and vowed to dare them in an effort to force the release of Uwazurike.

Ogbuawa was arrested by the agitating MASSOB security and forced to make statement in support of the agitation and the release of Uwazurike. Innoson Chukwuma was also threatened to be arrested but he sorted out the threat and accused Ogbuawa of masterminding his downfall with the boys after his Chinese workers were arrested.
Ogbuawa was arrested alongside the boys but was released afterwards; MASSOB security denied being behind the kidnap of his Chinese workers and indicated that MASSOB is not responsible for the actions of criminals in Southeast.

Chukwuma Innoson’s company was at the verge of dissolution due to the withdrawal of all Chinese workers by the Chinese embassy in Abuja on the ground that security of the expatriates is no longer guaranteed. He then assured the embassy that he would find the kidnappers and severely deal with them but unfortunately, 

Mrs. Onyekachi Orji who knew nothing about the kidnap became a scapegoat. It is widely believed that the involvement of Innoson in the matter was to please the Chinese government who lost an expatriate to the kidnap saga.

Ifeanyi Chijioke writes from Abuja He is an author, Analyst, investigative journalist and TV anchor

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