February 21,2018
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If you are still wondering why a sane man would order his state communities to start a parley with the third-rated most dangerous terrorist organization, it is time to stop wondering because there is an exclusive report from reliable sources which has identified the reason the governor of Ebonyi state chose that path for himself.
Recently; the governor ordered community heads to get names of Fulani herdsmen in Ebonyi state and know them, going further, he directed them to hold a monthly meeting with the Fulanis in a bit to establish a settlement for them and live in peace. Recall that the Fulanis in question are the same Fulanis killing in Southern Kaduna, Benue, Zamfara, Nasarawa, Enugu, Delta and every other place. They are the same people the governor is assiduously working to create a settlement for.

The governor in his dotted wisdom believes that once data base is created for the Fulanis and monthly meeting held, the terrorists will find a reason or there would be love that would stop potential terrorists attack on innocent people of the state. Ebonyi state is known for porous security with kidnapping and robbery on a top chart; if the governor could not address common robbery, how possibly can he address the odds of the action he is pushing the state into. Many have asked how creating data base and monthly meeting will stop the religious terror attack being perpetrated by Fulanis. The act of Fulanis attacking communities is an ideology or traditional conquest, a tradition that started way back with Usman Danfodio. There is no amount of love, meeting or data base creation that can change the ideology or tradition of a people. Conquest is part of the life of Fulanis just as water is part and parcel of a fish. By way of making settlement for Fulanis; it would be assumed that the governor has no history of the people he is dealing with but that seems to be a different case, it is now complicated. There has been sufficient awareness on the media and the governor even though ignorant of the history of the Fulanis has advisers who read widely and can communicate him on the decision he made and on course for implementation. The idea of believing that social inclination can help or address terrorism by Fulanis is something out of ignorance. The governor may not have studied the religious undertone to the terrorist act being carried out by these Fulanis. It is on record that Fulanis have never carried out this current rampage on any Islamic community but focused on Christian communities. The act is inspired by religious belief and tribal sentiments and as such, monthly meeting and data base creation cannot in any shape or form address terrorism by Fulani herdsmen. Disappointedly; David Umahi, the executive governor of Ebonyi state is aware of everything but business interest has turned him into a monster to his people. According to a report from reliable sources; the governor is into cattle business with thousands of cattle scattered in the state and he employed the killer herdsmen that herd the cattle for him. Banning open grazing in the state or any policy that will contain Fulani herdsmen-terrorists will directly affect his most resourceful business.
It is believed that the governor’s closeness with his workers who are Fulani herdsmen convinced him that the Fulanis that kill are the ones not known by the people. But the question before the governor is if his Fulanis are under surveillance by him or his assumptions are mere assumptions? If they are not under surveillance; then the governor’s belief cannot hold water. It is further a disappointment coming from the governor that he thinks Fulanis he employed to herd his cattle will abandoned their religion, ideology and tradition of conquest because of the cheap salaries he pays them. By virtue of what we have seen so far; the governor of Ebonyi state, David Umahi is only putting his business interest above the interest of the state and the people of Ebonyi. By technically

By virtue of what we have seen so far; the governor of Ebonyi state, David Umahi is only putting his business interest above the interest of the state and the people of Ebonyi. By technically embracing cattle colony; the governor is to potentially sacrifice the lives of the people of Ebonyi simply for the sake of his cattle business. In conclusion; the governor has joined the Fulanis who value cattle more than human life.

Ifeanyi Chijioke writes from Abuja He is an author, Analyst, investigative journalist and TV anchor

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