By Kelechi Okorie
Writes For TBP
February 15,2018
Whenever black Africa doubling into thing that ought to be just the reverse always becomes the case. They always try to emulate Western culture but no avail due to inherit wickedness in their blood cell. No West Africa country can be proud of doing well in a global competitive socio-political economy; the sub region is bewildering from chronic corruption spearheaded by political juntas. Sub regional court (ECOWAS COURT) established to protect common man against violation of human Rights in his host country has turn to be the best option for corrupt totalitarian regime, instead of uphold her integrity within its jurisdiction disgracefully aiding desirable criminal government to perpetuate human rights violation with impunity. Currently the region is comprised of political instability her disdain underdeveloped economic system is unsolved while independent judiciary is only on written document whereas, practically dependable offspring to executive adjudge. Nigeria as a giant of fraud form a strong alliance in West Africa region to truncate ECOWAS Court of Justice, her corrupt interference in the preceding changes the quick game of justice, continue adjournment of court case before them violate human rights of Mr. Nnamdi Kanu, leader of Indigenous People of Biafra by Buhari’s led regime, their judicial rascality showed they are in unison to conspire against Kanu in particular and Biafra in general.

Human rights case that ought to be giving quick attention to avoid untimely lost of life is playing at the gallery by ECOWAS Court, the unreasonable overdue adjournment has drawn world attention to watch how backward West Africa judges with myopic corrupt instinct in this contemporary world will get away from this high profile case. In actual sense, judges are well respected; their integrity remains a priority to them unlike Africa where bunch of bunko called judges are subject to presidency. Without shred of doubt, Appeal Court and ECOWAS Court of Injustice had consensus to frustrate the judgment with flimsy excuses, buying time for Nigeria government for not having substantial reasoning to further the lost case. Besides, Archaic analogue judicial system in that contraption called Nigeria exposes their delay tactics, weakness to be just in reversing John Tsoho’s bias ruling to mask witness that was quashed in a first place. Mysterious sudden disappearance of Nnamdi Kanu’s case file was well orchestrated deal to abstain from the case after exceeding statutory stipulated 90 days assigned Appeal Court. Appellate Court that should be a fair play ground indulged in violation of constitution they claimed to be protected, this unacceptable shenanigan cannot be condole by responsible African ECOWAS Court on the other hand, is making it worst only interested in money exchange hand encouraging Executive of government mess the constitution up.
Donald Trump of US President described Africa as a shit hole was as a result of severe maladministration in the continent, West Africa under Buhari’s era turns the sub-region a jungle, his partner Paul Biya, Cameroonian President is taking his footsteps engaging in cannibalism, annihilation and human rights violation of Ambazonians in Southern Cameroon, till date ECOWAS Court in Cameroon has not utter a word to justify their stand and curtail excessive use of political power in the region.
With this method Africa cannot excel in her foreign policy other continent will keep seeing her as a joke, underdevelopment shall forever remains at her corridor until, human rights is respected every human is born to be free Africa judiciary is in a rightful position to maintain serene environment than aiding political upheaval in the system.
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