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Jeremiah Chapter 17 verse 5,the LORD says:Cursed is the one who trusts in man, who draws strength from mere flesh and whose heart turns away from the LORD.
God did not negotiate with Pharaoh. Joshua did not negotiate Jericho. David did not negotiate with Goliath. In this short message, Biafrans must understand that as 2019 general elections are fast approaching, Mahmood Yakubu has already called for support from UN ahead of 2019 general elections and also Nasir Ahmad el-Rufai with his APC members have taken steps and lending their voices concerning restructuring of Nigeria. Note it that they are all meant to fool te so called Ohaneze Ndigbo, and all the Efulefu in all Eastern Region . Having seen our determined resolve under our able leader Mazi Nnamdi Kanu to restore our nation Biafra back, they are now mischievously calling for a UN support and restructuring in order for them to continue to maintain the status quo. After the general elections, they will still stick on One and Indivisible Nigeria to continue their injustices, humiliation, Intimidation and the extortion from Biafrans as usual. Why are they talking of restructuring and true federalism now after 3.5m Biafrans mostly children was starved to death and killed which should have been avoided during 1966-1970 when Ojukwu proposed for it? Was it not because of the same attitude of ignorance, wickedness, nepotism and illiteracy that made Northerners to reject it in the 19th century when Ojukwu proposed it? This time around and in this 21st century we the present generation has seen that the only solution to determine the new faith of Biafrans in Nigeria is through referendum to determine the peoples' opinion. With Nigeria still insisting that Biafra will not hold a peaceful referendum any moment from now to determine their future, it then means the Whole World, the UN,AU and ECOWAS together with Nigeria must be held responsible for all the atrocities and crimes committed against Biafrans since the creation of Nigeria by Fredrick Lugard. Today the Nigerian government has amassed huge sums of money from 2018 budget in its relentless and futile bid to engage and defeat the activities of the Indigenous People of Biafra (IPOB). Investigations and Intelligence reports have revealed that they have already bribed most of the efulefu in Igbo land today to come out openly in the AIT and other international Media and denounce the name Biafra. Hausa Fulani and Nigeria Government knowing that if one cannot organize self, such person can not organize others together. With Nigeria as number one (1) corrupt country in the world, it understand the power of bribery and the weakness of Ohaneze Ndigbo, mostly with the inflation and hardship everywhere in the country thereby using it as opportunity to bribe most of the prominent men in the Eastern Region to keep mute on the issue of Biafra. Hausa Fulani know that since they are in power with their bribe and intimidation that it's only in the Eastern Region that somebody can openly come out in the AIT or any Media to denounce the name Biafra which nobody from Arewa Northern Nigeria or Oduduwa Western Nigeria can do. Note during 1966-1970 Biafra War with Nigeria Chief Obafemi Awolowo wanted to declare Oduduwa in his arrangement with Ojukwu and today, although Awolowo did not declare Oduduwa, yet you can't hear any Yoruba mentioning the name of Chief Obafemi Awolowo that he died with Oduduwa or even anybody from the North to tell you that somebody has died with Arewa but it's only on Biafra that you always hear that nonsense, stupid and provoking language. Well I don't blame those that are using the name of Biafra in vain. For as much as nobody has being taught any lesson over that arrogance, that is the reason it has persisted till this day. Mind you; nobody from Northern part of Nigeria will come out openly in the public like AIT and denounce Arewa or state that Arewa is dead and buried. If any body ever try it from Northern part of Nigeria, that means such person after the interview will also be buried alive together with all the members of his entire families . It is a simple assignment to the BOKO HARAM TERRORIST or FULANI HERDSMEN to dismember such a person and his lineage. In fact, no Hausa-Fulani will ever try it because they are never such cowardly frustrated that they would denounce their origin and identity.

Yes the reason is from inception, Biafrans are peaceful people who do not believe in violence and that is why everybody can easily come out in the AIT or any international media and talk any how he or she likes against Biafra. But, let me make it clear that it can't continue because time shall tell. Any Biafran, either by birth or by adoption who dare grant media interview to denounce Biafra and say Biafra is dead and buried, such individual shall live to become irrelevant and a failure in his/her career.

Finally,why all this clamoring for restructuring and true federalism all around from these old politicians that have failed the past and present Nigerians? If restructuring was not possible in Senegal and Gambia,Sudan and South Sudan,ethiopia and eritrea and even in former USSR then Nigeria should hasten up to allow Biafra to go in peace, ENOUGH IS ENOUGH. The truth shall prevail... .NO GOING BACK..

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