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written by
Anyi Kings  
January 5,2018

It is no longer news that Nigeria  government is sponsoring an online  radio Biafra international called  (RBI ) to cause division among Biafrans and derail our quest in restoring our mother land Biafra ,But we are not perturbed because this generation of Biafrans under the supreme leadership of Mazi Nnamdi Kanu (MNK) are divinely ordained by almighty Chukwu Okike Abiama to restore our blessed nation Biafra back and for this course we have sworn an oats to restore our nation Biafra back or die trying, therefor Biafra restoration is unsaleable, unstoppable and a task that must be done. On this note the formidable family membership and leadership of IPOB worldwide under the supreme leadership of MNK in retaliation are hereby wishes to announce the launching and    sponsoring of   ( RNAS )Radio Nigeria Hausa Service to open the eyes of enslaved poor Hausa Youths by Fulani conquest. RNAS's target audience are the oppressed indigenous people of Arewas, Our mission is to expose the hidden secret , educating the ignorant and liberating the enslaved poor Youths of the Arewas.

Biafrans for (RBL) RADIO BIAFRA LONDON and AREWAS FOR RADIO NIGERIA HAUSA SERVICE (RNAS) On the rebirth of Biafra Africa shall be emancipated .

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