The Biafra Post | Published January 26, 2018

Biafra Agitators marking one year anniversary of the brutal shoting down of Biafrans by Nigerian security forces for celebrating the swearing-in of President Trump on 20th January 2017
In a report made available to The Biafra Post and in what appears like taking the law into his hands; the new Commissioner of Police for Delta state has urged his boys to shoot criminals found in action. He made the statement last two weeks Saturday when he was welcomed by the people of Delta state.

Extra-judicial murder has become a culture in Nigeria and this is another evidence of a failed state and lawless country. The generalizing of criminals by the new Delta state commissioner of police may be narrowed down to his poor academic understanding of the term ‘criminal’. In the presence of the law; the commissioner has ordered for the killing of citizens without trial.

Most people have reacted angrily to this order; when The Biafra Post asked those that attended the welcome ceremony of the CP, they decried that the police personnel may take advantage of the order to perpetrate injustice in the state. They further decried that most Nigerian police personnel are not educated enough and drunkards; and may take the order as raw as it is.

World rating had rated Nigerian police the worst in the entire world and the CP and IG of police in Nigeria have done nothing to changing the conduct of their personnel. With such unlawful order that criminals should not face the law court but riffles of the police personnel is a threat to the entire well being of the people of Delta state.

Delta state has relatively been a peaceful state with crime brought to its lowest rate by the present governor of the state and where the CP got the impression of killing criminals remains unknown.

“I don’t want to see them in the cell; our cell should not be filled, I will not tolerate criminals, so kill any criminal found in crime, don’t bring them into the cell” the new CP quoted as claimed by one Mr Sunday who attended the welcome ceremony but doesn’t want his identity in print.

When The Biafra Post investigated further; the indigenes of Delta state reacted angrily to the comment by the new CP stating that the problem they have is Fulani herdsmen and that was what was expected of the commissioner to deal with or address and not IPOB and criminals they barely know of their existence as criminals.

“We received the message that he said he doesn’t want criminals and that criminals will be killed; they also told us that he doesn’t want Biafra agitators because they are terrorists and will be dealt with as criminals. When those that went there got home; they gave us the message the new CP personally gave them but we were disappointed” Okwe residence said on classified condition.

The order from the new CP was coming at a time the rampaging Fulani herdsmen have become a national security issue but he toed the path of the President of Nigeria who believes that Fulani herdsmen are untouchable. Whilst Fulani herdsmen are murdering the people of Delta state, the new commissioner looked the other way round, threatening to extra-judicially murder agitators which he categorized as criminals.

The order has been given but the people now live in fear as a man that steals a neighbor’s cloth may face the riffle or any man sympathetic to Biafra cause may die by the bullets of Delta state police personnel.

By Ifeanyi Chijioke - TBP

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