Published by The Biafra Post | Jan. 12, 2018

After Benue glorious worship of almighty Allah with the heads of innocent Christian residents by Hausa/Fulani; Buhari released a press statement casually warning Hausa/Fulani to stop killing human beings to please God and that was what reminded me that these Muslims kill as a form of worship. I would not rest each day as Muslims keep telling me that Islam is a religion of peace but that peaceful tag was designed for pretence.

You wonder why they don’t look neat; dress well and embrace western life; of course it’s a haram. They are sex starved on earth; considering only their belly and tomorrow, they strive to kill before dying to gain 72 virgins for the sex starvation on earth. They become suicide bombers - to kill infidels so as to have 72 virgins in heaven once they die. To them, the world is just a place 72 virgins are worked for, so they would never stop killing because afterlife will be worthless of infidels and 72 sweet virgins denied.

However; these Muslims will continue to fight and struggle within them on who kills infidels first; who pleases God the more and in certain case, who gets even bonus virgins for killing a good number of infidels. The killings going on in Nigeria and other parts of the world is a system of worship and there is nothing that can stop killing of infidels unless the worshippers of Allah stop seeing infidels. The killing is not happening in USA because they were stopped from entering USA while the killing is going on here because Lugard amalgamated infidels and Muslims.

The effort to stop the killing by Hausa/Fulani is simply an act of stopping them from worshipping their God and pursuing a much more happy life in heaven. A life that will surround each and every one of them with 72 virgins, both minors and old virgins and it would be such a regret to miss such enjoyment. Let it therefore be clear to us that nothing can stop the killing of Christians is Nigeria by Hausa/Fulani Muslims unless taking Christians out of their sight.

This is where the agitation championed by Nnamdi Kanu comes in; some of us think that the agitation is all about interest and political independence but it goes beyond that. The agitation will answer many questions and bring an end to inevitable waste of lives. It will bring natural solution to many artificially created problems in Nigeria and cause a state of responsibility- where everybody will be responsible and accountable. Hausa/Fulani will have the independence to worship Allah without the interference of infidels - which is a sin before Allah.

The media keeps asking questions and citizens keep demanding action from Muhammadu Buhari; this is the biggest self-deceit I have seen. It is very strange seeing men agitate that a witch-mother should kill a daughter for being a witch. Muhammadu Buhari is not even bothered that such act alone can cost him second tenure; that is why he would not take clear action against the perpetrators of this Islamic belief. There is never a time Nigerian seat of power will be more important than the worship of Allah who created their heaven and their earth and who created them to fight for him and kill those that do not believe in his superiority.

The killing of the people will never stop; not even when a Muslim President who once openly declared that Sharia should be forced on all Nigerians to enable Allah take control of the country. The presidency will never declare Fulani herdsmen terrorist because they understand that Allah must be worshipped irrespective of what we think. The president will always send police force to Benue and Enugu to stop Fulani herdsmen and send soldiers to kill IPOB because it’s a Christian affair- haram for a Christian to demand for his right. They will continue to kill you all if you don’t wake up now to defend your lives; and when you protest for being killed, Buhari will send soldiers to kill you all officially for questioning why Allah should be worshipped with your lives, after all, he gave you that life and you have no right to question when Islam uses it to worship him.

There is a hope before each and every one of you and that hope is the agitation championed by Nnamdi Kanu. We either facilitate the agitation and have asylum for infidels or look the other way and continue to die in hundreds. But if this proves too much for you; then it is time to pick up arms and defend your lives. It happened in Enugu; we shouted what an inhuman act. It happened in Agutu, we shouted what a disgusting thing. It happened in Crossriver, we said it will not happen again. it happened again and again in Benue and we still shed tears. It is time to defend your lives or lose it on the Islamic altar of worship.

By Ifeanyi Chijioke - TBP

Editor/Publisher: Chinwe Korie
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