Report by Biafra Reporters Report reaching the news desk of Biafra Reporters states that there is an ongoing heavy bombardment in ijaw land. The source, an engineer on a housing contract who said the town was invaded and surrounded by the Nigeria Army since 31st December 2017 till date, on the pretence of hunting for militants.

The source whose voice was clearly distressed said he was speaking from the deck of a two storey building as it seems that mobile networks servers have been deliberately tampered into poor service, he described numerous mounted checkpoints as innocent citizens are molested and humiliated, properties are also being looted and persons are allegedly being killed by the military. The Nigeria armed forces have never lack any manpower in killing innocent and defenseless citizens but are never anywhere to be found whenever the Fulani herdsmen terrorists raids and destroys villages and communities. There are clear indications that the Fulani caliphate conquest and Islamization of the remaining Southern part of Nigeria is at full gear and passionately supported by President Muhammadu Buhari.

Compiled by Odirah Ezeobi and Chima Onyekachi

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