By Eke Macdonald Ndubuisi - TBP
February 01, 2018 I have taken much of my ample time to recall on what happened at elder Kanu's residence leading to the total disappearance of the royal monarch and his wife coupled with their immediate son who also doubles as the leader of the Indigenous People of Biafra, a legitimate body representing and fighting for all oppressed persons living within the area and territory known as Biafra. The missing IPOB leader is a man of honor and probity that all hands should and must be on deck to demand for his whereabout from the Nigerian army that invaded his father's house at Afra-Ukwu Ibeku in Umuahia the state capital of Abia State; Nnamdi Kanu before his forceful disappearance caused by the savages in Nigerian army uniform was always available for public features and scenes though he was placed on trial by the ever biased Nigeria government and her Judiciary whose under the mantle tyrant-ship of Mohammadu Buhari for demanding for a United Nations supervised referendum for his people that are forcefully under Nigerian government occupation and maltreatment. It is discourteous on the part of Nigerian government and her kangaroo Judiciary under the effective rule and control of Mohammadu Buhari to quickly tagged the Indigenous People of Biafra a terrorist organization immediately after Dictator Mohammadu Buhari and his rampaging Nigerian army bathed every living and non-living things sighted at elder Kanu's residence with bullets; kidnapped Nnamdi Kanu and his parents and later on denied their inhumanity acts against the peace loving leader of the Biafran people. The Nigerian government of shame when further placed on notice by the Indigenous people of Biafra with substantive evidences that abounds could no longer deny their involvement in harassing, mowing down the peace loving people of Umuahia and Biafra at large as this was accepted by Nigerian Chief of Defence Staff on Channel TV as this also corroborated with their early claims that her leader was kidnapped by the Nigerian government; the Nigerian Chief of Defence Staff accepted this claims not under duress or tension that actually the Nigerian government attacked the people of Umuahia and likewise invaded Nnamdi Kanu's home on tyrant Mohammadu Buhari's order to clamp down on Biafra agitators. Then what is Justice Binta Nyako of the --Abuja Federal High Court of Nigeria doing all this while since the forceful disappearance of Nnamdi Kanu occurred and took place, a man accused in the open by the Nigerian government was clearly not been seen in the public domain while on bail stipulated conditions that violate his every human rights as a free man born freely likewise every other human by the virtue of a woman who served as the vehicle of life?. It is clearly seen that Justice Binta Nyako is trampling and sitting upon Justice; Justice Binta Nyako till this day forgot so suddenly every rational that has to do with the "Doctrine of the Last Scene" in law. From the angle of reasoning and wisdom Nigeria is on auto-pilot heading to hit the rock which will definitely cause her to wreck; this heavy cloudy filled with rain over us will send down rains of tears and sorrows if we continue to live in pretense and denial of the fact that Nnamdi Kanu and his Indigenous People of Biafra have not being appeased by the Nigerian government that caused their pains; are we also living in denial of the fact that Nigerian government had wronged this young man and his people on different fronts. How about the Hausa-Fulani herdsmen menace in the country that has cost the lost of lives and properties within the confines of Nigeria? Who are the sole individuals serving as grand patrons to this herders association in Nigeria? From the world global terrorism index designated this herders association in Nigeria as a terrorist organization yet Dictator Mohammadu Buhari treat them with a kid's glove based on ethnicity stock and sentiments while these heartless individuals go about killing innocent and unsuspecting Nigerian citizens. From all indications Nigeria may not survive another civil war uprising this time around; the middle beltans are calling on their people to disassociate themselves with anything that has to do with the North [Arewa] as they posited in most of their public statements and communiques that was spelt out; just some weeks back Ayodele Fayose the incumbent Governor of Ekiti State of South-West of Nigeria inaugurated a group of hunters that will aid his government curb the menace of these Fulani savages in his State; Kogi State Assembly also enacted a law prohibiting the movement of cows destroying people's farm which later result to lost of lives and properties.

Ohaneze Ndi-Igbo is not left out of this quagmire bedeviling Nigeria when her ever-corrupt leadership called for a jamboree meeting themed "Handshake Across the Niger" Ohaneze leadership of shame opinionated that Nigeria should tow the line of restructuring and this move was vehemently rejected by they Biafran women who graced the occasion as they rained curses on Ohaneze leadership and demanded from Ohaneze leadership and Nigerian government to tell them about Nnamdi Kanu's whereabouts. Bokoharam are on the other hand fighting for an Islamic State of Arewa while the Fulanis' wants "Cattle Colony" across the length and breadth of the geographical area named Nigeria by the British government.

We can't continue to pretend for so long with respect to these National issues at hand now; all the regions in Nigeria are calling for one thing or another yet the cabals in Aso-Rock are smoke screening these issues that calls for National urgent attention from all aggrieved people in Nigeria so as to know if they wish to remain as being part of Nigeria or walk out their way through a United Nations supervised referendum for peace to reign within this Nigeria enclave.



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