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January 22,2018

My column made it clear last year that the terrorist tag on the Indigenous People of Biafra will never be lifted; Hon. Ifeanyi Ejiofor can file millions of applications and spend years in the court room; one thing is certain, the terrorist tag will never be quashed by any court in Nigeria. I received an unconfirmed report that an appeal will be filed after the recent reaffirming and I even got weaker. Why waste so much time on something that will definitely be futile? By filing appeal; you are simply asking the appellate court to give you the go ahead order to continue to seek the division of Nigeria and I wonder how possible such appeal will be granted. In Nigeria; there is a language that brought about cattle colonies and that is herdsmen terrorist violence and that same language brought plea and negotiation in the oil rich part of Biafra (Niger Delta).

Some people decided to take advantage of the terrorist tag; saying, it was only IPOB that was tagged terrorist organization. The gullible ones will listen to such stupid rant without knowing that entire people of Biafra were tagged terrorists, anybody found agitating for the restoration of Biafra is a terrorist and that is what that tag implies. If any Biafran- body or group is not seen as a terrorist, run, that person or group is agent of Nigeria. Going further; the most important question is why is the federal government after IPOB and leaving other pro-Biafra groups? A little child already knows that a champion is a target and hence IPOB is on right track towards the restoration of Biafra, she would definitely be under immense attack from Nigeria. It appears or entails that IPOB is the only people capable of restoring Biafra while other minor groups that failed to collapse under the undisputable indigenous leadership have nothing to offer or poses no threat of dividing to Nigeria.

IPOB have shown a level of determination that is rare and sincerity that endeared her to the people but at this juncture, what is lacking is the will to flaunt or have a pride. Freedom fighting is not something done with bare hands and not something that can be achieved by sitting in the comfort of various rooms claiming to be an intellectual. Intellectual fight only sets a right tune for the real fight; there must be physical demand of freedom. Few people have entirely lost the argument; and the fact that freedom is taken and not given scares them away. For how long will this go on before we accept the reality before us? The UN charter that gave us right to self-determination also gave us right to self-defense while pursuing self-determination. I cannot comprehend the idea of being killed on daily basis and tagged terrorist even as international community rubbished the tag and yet our oppressors continue to kill us without anyone rising to the task of self-defense. The biggest deceit was the idea that when people defend their lives from murderous Nigeria, they will become terrorists. While in that same Nigeria; people that murder thousands are not terrorist but people that defend their lives are terrorists.

I have followed Biafra agitation since inception and the people of Biafra have endured so much because of the fear of being tagged terrorists. They are killed and when there is a call for retaliation or self-defense; some say do not retaliate to avoid tagging us terrorists. The strategic endurance continued until last year; what the people of Biafra feared so much finally came upon them. They were tagged terrorist and months after; they have not re-strategized but continued with same old strategy even when everything has altered. I was told that why the people of Biafra must avoid self defense is to avoid being tagged terrorist and what happen now the tag has dawned? Another told me that if UN tags us terrorist, that is when the tag will be official yet even when UN has not tagged, you are killed and UN cannot even say stop killing them because we have not tagged them terrorists. There is need for the peoples’ driven intervention of the Biafra National Guard to defend the people and militarily or physically demand Biafra and protect the people at same time and National Guard is the pride of Biafra that is lacking.

One thing is clear; a nation or aspiring nation must have a pride and that pride is the defense of such people. The Biafra National Guard which is saddled with the responsibility of defending indigenous people of Biafra must be looked up to at this very point. The pride of Biafra is her National Guard and this is what IPOB is lacking. There is need to forfeit everything and give National Guard everything it needed to ensure defense of the people.

If the people of Biafra fail to embrace her pride and give it all the necessary support it needs; Fulani will override and Nigeria will keep joking with them. They will keep arresting and killing the people of Biafra without constraint because the least they can do is protest. But with Biafra National Guard; IPOB will have a physical effect and a fear factor. Without Fulani herdsmen showing force; cattle colonies coming this week will not come. Without militants showing force; negotiation will not be happening, until Biafra show force, Nigeria will keep messing Biafra up and taking everything for granted.

Ifeanyi Chijioke is a thinker, revolutionary writer, a senior journalist in TheBiafraPost and socio-economic and political analyst that writes from  Onitsha in Eastern part of Biafraland

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