Analysis By Godwin J, Chinedu, Odiranchinma Ezeobi - TBP January 22, 2018

A warming Good day to you our numerous readers, Biafra Reporters welcomes you to another weekly edition of "Hard Truth" on our Biafra Post media outlet. Biafra Reporters on this week Hard Truth will bring to your way a very systematic and expository analysis of events as it keep on unfolding itself; here we say things the way it is not minding who is involved, on our spot-Light this week Biafra Reporters will be looking at the topic that says Africa [Nigeria] being classified amongst the shithole Countries by the incumbent President of the United States of America Donald J, Trump now making and causing great disturbance round the globe.

Biafra Reporters are considering the term "Shithole Countries" to us at the Biafra Post handlers respect is earned, not given. Last week President Trump reportedly singled out El Salvador and African Nations as "Shithole Countries" and this have attracted many response and comments from people around the world both African and other ethno-Nationalism. Michael Steele, the first black chairman of the Republican National Committee and few others said that this a clear indication that President Trump is a racist and a white supremacist; few days past followed by that derogatory remark made by President Donald J, Trump of America, as perceived by African Union [AU] expressed her disappointment and outrage over the unfortunate comment made by President Donald J, Trump and also demand for an apology from the office of the United States President.

In as much as Biafra Reporters disagree with President of the United States of America Donald J, Trump over his comment using shithole as a yardstick to buttress his dissatisfaction in Africa; Donald J, Trump should bear this in mind that the likes of Biafra trapped in Nigeria by forceful amalgamation by the British Government cannot accept such a term whole heatedly, secondly there are most African Countries he Donald J, Trump should not have used such a term to buttress whatever thing disturbing his conscience on Africa.

It has become imperative that Africa as a Continent must learn to wake up from the disease of self-pity, Africans should stop to get things stereotyped or become confused the more between the personality and attitude of his Excellency Donald J, Trump because to us at the Biafra Post believes respect is earned and not given on a platter of gold; then come to think of it what have African Presidents and former Head of States done to earn not only respect from Mr. Donald J, Trump but also from the world at large if not the continuous enslavement of her people.

Readers will agree with Biafra Reporters that in the world today Africans are regarded as black monkeys and treated as slaves, the high rate of racial abuse on Africans is unprecedented and all we could do as a people is to react in angry tone to any one that remind us of our true state of being. Respect is said to be a feeling of deep admiration for someone or something elicited by their abilities, qualities, or achievements; decade upon decades since the colonial masters left, what have African Presidents got to offer to the world as being African Leaders, where is their abilities on? qualities, or achievements?. What have our Presidents/Leaders past done that could earn Africa the much needed respect that she desired as a continent?.

All Africans are known for now is running to civilized Nations and International Communities for aids; the likes of AU African Union, The Economic Community of West African States [ECOWAS], and leaders like President Mohammadu Buhari of Nigeria should take a close look at countries like China, Japan, India, Singapore, Malaysia and the entire middle east countries apart from the war ravaged regions found within the middle east; Biafra Reporters are very sure that President Donald J, Trump of America can't use the term shithole to address them because they have proved to be the new face of technology and innovations having offered so much technologically, economically and otherwise not only to Africa but to the world in general.

Come to think of it, using Nigeria as a yard stick to pacify the term shithole, do Nigerians really need to panic or rather coerce the Government that have put them into that messy situation to be extinct, how do you defend that Nigeria is not worse than a shithole? How do you address a Country in which cows are valued by the ruling class over humans?. In Nigeria, the Judiciary acts according to the dictates of the Executive, the Legislators makes laws that benefit their pockets to the detriment of their people. Not too long ago, Nigerian forces left Sambisa forest and traveled down to Umuahia, mowing down lives with the white mans machine they are mandated to use against external force; the untrained Nigerian soldiers killed those they are meant to protecting their interest.

What about the kidnapped of the leader of the Indigenous People of Biafra [IPOB], who was enjoying his bail as ruled by a court of competent jurisdiction?. What about the on-going slaughtering of the Indigenous People of Tiv by the invading Fulani barbarians and savages?. What is the Nigerian Government's position on all these killings? Yes, Mohammadu Buhari the President of Nigeria is hellbent on defending his race as they go ahead to destroy lives in order to feed cattle.

Do any of our amiable readers understand what is going on in our education sector, you need to take a tour to our universities and see for yourself the level of infrastructural decay, the height at which corruption have enveloped the system; students are being frustrated to the last unless the student buy his or her way out with monetary inducement or sex inducement.

What about the economic sector, are we practically out of recession? Did Biafra Reporters hear anyone say that Donald J Trump must apologize to Africa? Before you have Donald J, Trump apologize to Africans, get your leaders to account for the shame and chains of slavery they have put you Africans in, Africans are virtually a stinking object not to have anything to do with in the eyes of an ordinary white man.

It is simply because Africans allowed their leaders to do everything they so much want and get away with all without being questioned or face the right tribunal for such crimes committed against her people for way too long;

Africans must understand that your African Presidents and leaders are just playing the blame game to distract your attention from the real deal that will cause a massive revolution in Africa and then silence Donald J, Trump who must have opened your collective eyes to stop being dummies on your rights to question those in the Africa seat of authorities. Donald J Trump have charge you Africans to prove him wrong because Biafra Reporters are sorry to say that what Donald J, Trump said was simply an understatement of the true fact that Africans are in

Edited by Chinedu Ndubuisi

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