By Eke Macdonald Ndubuisi, Odiranchinma Ezeobi, Chinenye Chukwu - TBP January 11, 2018
Greetings and welcome to this weeks "Hard Truth" on Biafra Post media outlet to all our amiable readers, followers who are always eager to dig deep and savour the truth no matter how bitter and ugly it may appear. This weeks Biafra Reporters shall be dissecting facts from illusions and assumption in the issue concerning the aged longed menace of Fulani herders, the mannerless massacre of innocent civilians without provocation, its connection to the alleged Islamization of the entity called Nigeria and the certainty toward the restoration of Biafra as justified by this senseless killing spree. On this very platform of "Hard Truth" Biafra Reporters will be treating the menace of Fulani herdsmen in the Nigeria insane society; the continuous and uninterrupted massacre of innocent, armless civilians caused by the rampaging Fulani herders to their host community, it is seen that these senseless killings embarked upon by this marauding Islamic foot soldiers of Arewa North is politically supervised as an aged religious agenda of Islamizing the rest of other Nationalities that make up Nigeria; this is a clear evidence for Biafra restoration prior to Independence struggle initiated by the Indigenous People of Biafra. The unfortunate reign of terror in Nigeria as it not unconnected that concerned the Fulani invasion of towns and homes could not be discussed without referring to the "Hausa kingdom" around 1804. Biafra Reporters must not fail to remind our very interesting followers that Hausa land under the leadership of a King named Yunfa the Sarkin of Gobir now Christianize "Sokoto Caliphate " hosted the Fulani immigrants headed by Usman Dan Fodio, unknown to the Hausas' and their Kingdom that Usman and his entourage of terrorists were on a mission of Islamisation conquest. The Hausa Kingdom was destroyed, savaged and all living things massacred including the then King Yunfa by Usman Dan Fodio and his marauding Islamic foot soldiers; most readers may not come to knowledge of the sad event that took place long time ago that 99.6% of the people we refer to as Hausas' today were not original of the Hausa Kingdom. Also similar event played out in a Yoruba land where it is noted that the Fulanis' installed Fulani Oligarchy in Ilorin Kwara State when a single Fulani jihadist by name Janta Alimi was allowed by the Yoruba Afonja Dynasty to settle in Ilorin; he in turn carried out same jihad to his host community in Ilorin Kwara State and installed Fulani Oligarchy in the year 1824. The essence of the brief and concise expository and fact laden history is to relate to us what Fulani Oligarchy is capable of doing to any people they get in contact with. The Fulani Oligarchy massacre of civilians have everything to do with politics, it is an age longed ideology of conquer them and Islamize them. Today 99℅ of our leaders are either Fulanis or Fulani Oligarchy loyalists which is the political undertones backing this heartless individuals who pretends to be ordinary cattle herders but in turn are equipped with sophisticated weapons to kill people any how no matter what law their host community stipulates to them to uphold. Fulani herders massacred thousands of souls in Enugu State unabated as they continued through Southern Kaduna down again to Agatu, to Delta State, to towns in Benue State and yet none of the culprits has been apprehended because Mohammadu Buhari the Nigerian President is the "Grand Patron" to these blood sucking demons. The truth remains that as far as we still protect the one Nigeria interest, the Fulani Oligarchy will continue on their massacring spree of innocent Nigerian civilians until they have completed the Islamization agenda. This is the more reason why Biafra independence is paramount and the best solution towards saving the lives and properties of her citizens bundled with this heartless individuals, the Fulani killings did not start with Dictator Mohammadu Buhari rather it is an inheritance every true Fulani adheres to. People should wake up and make research on this people and stop tagging Fulani killings to politics alone because religiously it is their firm belief that Islam must rule Nigeria forever. Reasonable and proactive civilians should as a matter of urgency be able to ask why is it so difficult to arresting and put to trial the rampaging Fulani herders [Killers] for decades now. It is no longer a news of the constant attacks by the so called Fulanis' who disguise themselves as herdsmen seeking for who to devour and lure into their devilish Islamization agenda, an act of incessant killing, massacre, slaughtering of innocent people, rapping of young girls and mothers at their various farms because of their denial to be Islamized calls for arrest and trials of the culprit rather the Presidency made a press statement that Fulani herders are not to be treated with security forces There was a recent killing that took place on the Eve of Christmas in River state, where Christians coming back from Church service where opened fire on them and many died, scores injured this same act was carried out by the murderous Fulani herdsmen and nobody would hold them accountable for such act because all their activities are well coordinated by their elites including the President of the country - Nigeria, everyone went on mute because both the security agents, Northern States governors are all championing and clamoring for a particular purpose which is give them Islam by force or die by bullets for refusing to be a convert. The killings ongoing in Benue State today shouldn't be tag a political war alone rather it is perceived religious war everywhere Christian are found and this demands that people of goodwill must stand up tall and embrace this as a personal battle and the more reason the country must disintegrate for peace and harmony to envelope us as neighboring countries than killing ourselves all in the name of one entity called Nigeria that is not helping us out but rather devouring us daily.
This very topic is not what one is to treat with a kid's glove no more; Biafra Reporters strongly believes that their assertions and that of many other conscientious individuals are with them on this disturbing issue trending within the shores of the middle beltans and their South-East, South-South counterparts, it is most regrettable that the so called Nigerians has had decided to be mute and die in silence from the hands of this marauding Islamic foot soldiers of the core Arewa North. Lastly the so called Nigerians populace should either stand tall on their feet as men and women of good conscience and fight this canker worm growing rapidly within the Nigeria system called Fulani herdsmen; these morons are bold enough to demand that another man's portion of land be given to them so as to cease from unleashing terror on innocent Nigerian civilians. What gave the Fulanis' the mindset to demand for cattle grazing reserve to changing it to "cow colony" if this has not the backing of the Hausa-Fulani political class in the government.

Cow or cattle colony this is another form of criminality in the highest order emanating from this marauding Islamic cattle herders and their Hausa-Fulani Nigerian government to usurp the Indigenous people of their land, to this menace Biafra Reporters are of the opinions that this is jihad war of conquest in another perceptive coming from the Hausa-Fulani bigots to keep on killing their host community and enslave the host community to be under their caliphate rule and thereby establish an Emir traditional stool who will now dictate the tunes of events to the conquered cattle colony host or get beheaded in an Islamic injunction.

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