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Sir, it is one year now since unarmed members of the Indigenous People of Biafra were chased, brutalised, apprehended, tortured, and killed like common criminals by men of combined Nigerian Armed Forces for no other reason other than celebrating your inauguration in Port Harcourt, Rivers State.
Your Excellency, I am impelled to inform you that the re-emerging Biafra nation entrapped in Nigeria hold the Office of POTUS in high esteem, the reason her indigenous people - IPOB - took to the streets in wild excitement to celebrate your victory at the polls. However, little did these innocent celebrators know that a harmless felicitation would lead them to their early graves. It was a gory sight indeed as we all watched helplessly as this support rally was viciously clamped down on by various Armed Forces in Nigeria under the command of President Muhammed Buhari, a man we think worked hard to fund your opponent, Hillary Clinton, at the election.

Sir, scores of IPOB members who bore your photos and the USA flag were gunned down by agents of Federal Special Anti-Robbery Squad (SARS) and the army at various locations in Port Harcourt, Rivers State. An aged woman was gunned down and over eleven (11) young boys and girls shot and carted away like common criminals. Their crime was their celebration of your inauguration. I want to inform you that I have never seen the USA so humiliated and utterly disrespected as what played out on January 20, 2017. The American flag and your photo were forcibly removed from these young men and women and publicly mutilated and burned - a sign that the US means nothing to the Commander-in-Chief, for we all know that these uniformed men were carrying out an instruction. Will the USA that I have grown to love and respect take this?

Your Excellency, bearing in mind that these young men and women numbering over eleven (11) died and numerous others were arrested for showing solidarity with you and the US I think justice demands that the US Government react accordingly, for to remain passive in the face of glaring attempt by Nigeria to bring the greatest nation in the world to disrepute would send very discouraging signals to other nations that adore the US. The United States I grew up to know and respect must not stomach this insult. I urge you, Sir, to act and see to it that the US regains her pride of place in the comity of nations. The best way to fast track this is by dealing decisively with nations that cast aspersion on the global integrity of the strongest nation in the world lest others follow the ugly precedence.

Sir, the forces that disrupted the solidarity rally in Port Harcourt were so brutal on the unarmed IPOB whose love for you knows no bounds. May I inform you that the killed ones were thrown into the security pickup vans like pieces of shit. The agents stamped their boots on the faces of those that were apprehended and tied crocodile style, unleashing excruciating pains on them all. For what? Showing their solidarity and love for your person. It is trite, Your Excellency, that this Nigerian Government under the leadership of Buhari's has grotesque scorn for your person and office. It is my earnest plea to you, as POTUS, to redeem the battered image of the US by dealing decisively with Nigeria for torching the flag of the US, killing those that felicitated with the winner of your election, and inflicting pains on others for the same reason. This is an attack on the US that must be taken seriously.

Finally, Your Excellency, the dead, wounded, and imprisoned members of the IPOB need reparation. That reparation, I dare say, should be your swift reaction to this injustice. Your expedient response to this problem will boost our confidence in the superb diplomatic role the US plays in the world. We also implore you to give your full fillip to our agitation by prevailing on the concerned international bodies to organize referendum for Biafrans in the South-East and South-South parts of Nigeria. Let me end this letter by averting your mind to the litany of senseless killings taking place in Nigeria by the terrorist groups called Boko Haram and Fulani herdsmen. It will amaze you that the occupant of our Aso Rock has not shown that he is innocent. It is our candid submission that these killings have presidential viva, the reason the killings have not elicited security response. All we need is justice for the numerous pogrom/genocide meted out to Biafrans since 1945/46 till date. A UN-backed referendum is all we need to escape this dungeon called Nigeria.

God bless the United States
God bless the POTUS
God bless Biafra
Yours truly,
Russell Idatoru Sunju Bluejack

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