The Biafra Post | December 18, 2017

Mazi Nnamdi Kanu, IPOB Supreme Leader
If Buhari thinks that he can pocket this nation for the whole world to be in
darkness, he is making a great mistake, his time is up. Jesus will set his people free. The road to salvation is built in southeast of Nigeria. No amount of intimidation, wickedness can change the heart of the father in heaven who brought this glory before the world from the year 2000 and the wicked said no but today, God is still in control and in charge of the universe and the earth.

No Buhari, No Atiku, No Gowon, No Nnia Nwodo, No Obasonjo, No Osibanjo or
Orji Uzor Kalu, can stop the manifestation of God’s divine message to the universe.
Orji Uzor Kalu must be prepared to welcome the glory from Abia state, the prince of peace to the whole world. He has been commending Buhari, following him left and right, making him the prince of the world but God has said no that the light which I told Orji Uzor Kalu in 2005 will surely prevail for the world to see the return of the son of man to the south East of Abia state. Orji Uzor Kalu should read Daily Sun Thursday July 28 2005, page 23 titled “IGBOS ARE ANOINTED TO LIBERATE
NIGERIA” By Prophet Nwoko.

He has a message in that write up. God has
destined him to play an important role in the new Jerusalem which is Abia state.
The message of Biafra did not start today but over 30 years, it’s only that the men
of God from the south west refused to acknowledge the presence of son of man
since the year 1987. Buhari must surely go with Atiku, Osibanjo can come down to
Enugu with all the men of God after all, Osibanjo is a pastor to come and welcome the light of the world that is going to unify the whole world.

There is no time for the wicked people anymore. Righteousness exalts the nation. I have been spreading a special message for Biafra for over 30 years and the message is simple “LET MY PEOPLE GO” It is the light of the world and the prince of peace that is in control.

I’m challenging men of God in the south East and south south to bring all seven
prophets, seven visioners, to join with this prophet. I will deliver Biafra to them. I
can assure Biafrans if they can come out for it, they can take Biafra before the end
of the year, there will be no referendum, there will be no united Nations
supervision because God has come with God’s ordained gift.

Biafra flag must be flown in Jerusalem and Biafra is real for the world to see the
glory of God. A new Jerusalem is born in Biafra nation and it’s flag must be flown
in Israel because they are twins now. Since Nigeria did not believe that God is a Nigeria since the year 2000, I use this
opportunity to tell the world that the glory of the world have been transferred to the
Biafra nation. Gowon, Lai Mohammed, they should come forward and welcome the
glory from the East because Biafra is a heavenly seat of power to the world
because of his glory.

PDP and APC should bury their hope because the light from the East has come to
neutralize the problem in the nation. God is not happy that the men of God are using religion to impoverish the people. The men of God from south west came here and collect all the money from Igbo nation every Sunday, the church will contribute for the men of God and on Monday, they will send the money to the south west. But here, the poverty and lack of infrastructure no road, no light, no jobs, nothing.

This Enugu came to be, before Abuja but today, the difference is clear. Enugu, the
capital of Eastern region is still in shambles and Abuja is a paradise. The Holy Spirit has promised to release all the Biafra detainees if they should listen to this voice, they won’t be in detention till February 2018.


If Nnia nwodo can stop IPOB, telling IPOB to forget Biafra, he Nwodo cannot stop
the glory of Christ in South East which is the lion of Biafra. Prophet Nwoko said,
the statement credited, lacks merit because it did not come from God. Biafra is
ordained by God. Biafra is the last hope for salvation to mankind. The book of
Isaiah 55;8-10 says to Nnia Nwodo, my thoughts said the lord are not like yours
and my ways are different from yours, as high as the heavens are above the earth,
so high are my ways and thoughts above Ohaneze Ndi Igbo. A nation that is
building when the lord is not there, builds in vain. Surely you know that many
runners take a part in a race, like the politicians in Nigeria but only one of them
wins the race, spiritually and physically, prophet Nwoko decrees that Jesus has
won the race for Biafra, Africa and the world and not Buhari.

Igbos can be linked to a woman who is pregnant. During the labour pain, she will
suffer more, she has been suffering. The moment she delivers the child, the pains
goes. This child has been delivered in Biafra Nation.

If Nwodo believes that the ways of the lord are mysterious, he will surely do Biafra
mysteriously. Buhari will be the last president before the emergence of Biafra. Buhari rated 52% of performance as the president of Nigeria since may 2015.


Tell Buhari, there are oppressors, killings, injustice, no peace, armed robbery,
kidnapping, rapists in the land, corruption all over the Nation. Marginalization,
tribalism, assasinations, students protest, hatred, with hate speeches, religious
crisis, Niger Delta, bomb explosions, Avengers, Boko Haram, floods, herdsmen
with AK 47 rifles, agitation all over in the land, python dance by Nigeria military
in Abia state and slavery that characterized in APC and PDP administration. The
APC and PDP have failed the Nation, they cannot eat their cake and have it back in
2019. Only God can solve Nigeria problem not buhari.


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