By Godwin Chinedu, Eke Macdonald Ndubuisi, Odiranchinma Ezeobi - TBP December 19, 2017 Welcome to yet another edition of The Biafra Post weekly digest on "Hard Truth" where we bring to limelight and dissect unequivocally issues that affects the Indigenous People of Biafrans as Nation of Nations without fear or favour; this week we will be dissecting the topic that says: The Grave Silence Of The Nigerian Judiciary Council And Justice Binta Nyako Rain Of Court Case Adjournments. Our discernible readers please permit us at the [Biafra Post - Reporters] to bring to your knowledge the incessant court case adjournments recently introduced to the case involving Nigerian government against Nnamdi Kanu and his Indigenous People of Biafra. Mrs. Binta Nyako also known as Mohammadu Buhari puppet in the bench is really doing the job for which Mohammadu Buhari hired her to do. First Justice Binta Nyako ethnicity is Hausa-Fulani, a Nigerian Judge of Federal High Court - Abuja; a relative to the Muslim fanatic Katsina State born Nigerian President Muhammadu Buhari. Justice Binta Nyako is one amongst the four wives of former Governor Adamawa State by name Vice Admiral Murtala Nyako (rtd), who is currently facing corruption charges with one of his son; it is on record that the Economic and Financial Crimes Commission [EFCC], in their charges and evidence against him [Murtala Nyako] the husband to Mrs. Binta Nyako involvement in the missing N29 Billion Naira fraud stolen from the Adamawa State coffers or treasury under his watch as the Governor. On October 2016 President Muhammadu Buhari through his notorious bulldogs the -DSS- engaged themselves toward harassing and intimidating of Nigerian Judges who are seen working tirelessly to address the injustice perpetrated by his government against the Nigerian State and the leader of the Indigenous People of Biafra coupled with some perceived political enemies; since the family of this bias Judge family is already facing corruption charges Mohammadu Buhari placed his radar on her to be used or her husband will be sentence to prison with hard labour. Mohammadu Buhari being the game changer appointed her sister of a judge -Justice Binta F. M. Nyako from Daura, Katsina State as the new trial judge on the case involving the leader of the Indigenous People of Biafra Mazi Nnamdi Kanu. This offer was deliberately handed over to her to convict Prince Nnamdi Kanu since Justice John Tsoho couldn't deliver the mission he was instructed to carry out by jailing Nnamdi Kanu on Mohammadu Buhari's rightful order. Mrs. Binta Nyako was told point blank by Mohammadu Buhari's messengers on the order of tyrant Mohammadu Buhari in her chamber's to convict Nnamdi Kanu and his co-defendants in ransom to her guilty husband facing 37-count charges on money laundering alongside his son Abdulaziz. Justice Binta Nyako after all her failed plans to convict an innocent man whose only crime is asking for his freedom and that of his people now result to series of adjournments upon adjournments and gross misconducts of the constitution of Nigeria. Biafra Reporters will upturn and make public all her secret engagements with Federal Government of Nigeria to keep on twisting and delaying the court case that the Nigeria Government filed against the Biafrans, Biafra Reporters are much aware of her horrendous decisions on this very case, Justice Binta Nyako has concocted herself with lies to mean truism over time so as to make his brother Mohammadu Buhari and his Arewa stock happy that she is really dancing according to what she was told to do. But anyone who actually pays mind to how the Judge Binta Nyako have been scoring herself on this case will undoubtedly agree that Binta Nyako entered the pantheon of horrible judging long before now. She has acted so far to be the worst judge that is currently out there worse than the said Justice Chitembwe of Kenya. It most regrettable that the absolute and core role of a sitting Judge handling a vital case is to be unbais toward effectively discharging of his or her luminary duty but that we found missing and lacking the will power of Justice Binta Nyako. Make no doubt to believe that Justice Binta Nyako has had come to dispense justice in this case involving the Indigenous People of Biafra and the Federal Government of Nigeria rather she has come to cause snail speed to this case since the Federal has already decided the end of of what they really want by invading Nnamdi Kanu's home, killed his people, took Nnamdi Kanu's parents away and also kidnapped Nnamdi Kanu which should have move Binta Nyako conscience to question the Nigerian Government rather we have seen her wearing the same shoe with the prosecutor and kicking against Justice in her inner chamber. Justice Binta Nyako were you not taught the doctrine of the last scene during your course of training as a law student? Under what right has the prosecutor to attack the accused when the law court has not decided? On whose warrant and order did the prosecutor acted upon that you Justice Binta Nyako choose to remain mute? Do you Binta Nyako as a judge don't know the tenets of law and what the Nigeria constitution uphold? Why have you Justice Binta Nyako suddenly make yourself an enemy with the Indigenous People of Biafra and her leadership by romancing justice with the prosecutor when till date the prosecutor have no substantial evidence against the accused in your law court?. It was so appalling that a judge took side with the prosecutor openly in her court room without hiding her feelings to ask Nnamdi Kanu's suretyship to provide Nnamdi Kanu in court when she know in her pure mind and evidences that abound for her perusal that it wasn't Nnamdi Kanu's suretyship that came to kill him rather the state sponsored military did this evil before man and God. Have Justice Binta Nyako sold her conscience to the wind by not enforcing the necessary sections of the constitution that the Federal Government of Nigeria be the one to tell her what happened to Nnamdi Kanu and what happened at his home.
Justice Binta Nyako had allowed herself to be used by the executive powers which will definitely mare and undermine the absolute power of the judiciary; what efforts has Justice Binta Nyako put in place to arrive at what happened to Nnamdi Kanu and his home? Instead of Justice Binta Nyako to moderate on what took effect before her sight and available records within the ambit of law to show that the law is not a respecter of no man had rather shown that the law should respect Mohammadu Buhari and his murderous Nigerian Military.

It is no longer a news that the Nigerian Judiciary as a body, since the advent of Mohammadu Buhari is being placed under the state control. No Nigerian in his right sense can say there is the existence of independence of judiciary. It is very evident in the bais rulings given by Mrs Binta Nyako on Nnamdi kanu's case. Right from inception of the trial of Mr Nnamdi kanu and his co-defendants, it was clear that Nigerian owned Department of State Security Service lacks evidence to proof to the world that the leader of the Indigenous People of Biafra is guilty of the trump-up charges leveled
against them. Now the problem does not actually lie in the inability of DSS to prove their case rather in the inability of the trial Judge to make a decision on that matter. Mr. Benjamin Mmadubugwu and two others are still in prison today for the fact that the trial judge Binta Nyako cannot make a bold decision on a case that is as good as dead, at IPOB we have observed with passion the highest form of indecisiveness by a Justice at law; yes because you cannot take someone to court without having any evidence to proof your case and request they be detained for years, is this still trial or imprisonment in disguise? Mrs Binta Nyako speedily and with open hatred charged senator Enyinnaya Abaribe to produce Mazi Nnamdi kanu against all prevailing evidences that indicted the Nigerian military as been in the right position to do so. Why will the Nigerian judicial council not intervene if at all they claim to be independent of the executive? Nnamdi Kanu a man that had an outstanding case in court was kidnapped in a broad daylight and many of his supporters massacred by the Nigerian army and with all prevailing evidences that abound, the judicial system that should have stand up against the insult heaped on them by the executive arm are looking the other way to justify her inability to pronounce judgment. We at the Biafra Post have done our part and will keep on doing so by informing the general public and the world at large the level of decadence in the Nigerian state, the level of human right abuse that will in the end do nothing but destroy Nigeria. The eternal adjournment of Mazi Nnamdi Kanu's case will not last for long but just for a time, when just like the Nigerian military did at Nnamdi Kanu's home, the Indigenous People of Biafra may soon decides to take their future into their hands since the last hope of humanity had failed them.

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