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Colonnel Gaddafi
It is not news that Gaddafi was a pan African; all his days on earth, he had wanted economically independent Africa, militarily and politically independent Africa. He wanted an Africa that will be free from neo-colonial life and facing its challenges and winning it by itself. He wanted an Africa that would no longer be a source of strength for Europe and others. A continent that will not be a dustbin or a laboratory ground for any virus invented by the White. He never wanted a continent that will be a soft target of depopulation of the world. Above all; Gaddafi wanted indigenous Africa that can stand shoulder to shoulder with Europe and the rest of the world.

He was a notable opposition to Europe and stood his ground when it comes to anything that would stabilize or develop Africa. Like few Muslims; Gaddafi is different, his passion for Africa overshadowed his passion for his religion. He was never Muhammadu Buhari; whose fanatic views destroyed African children.

Gaddafi strongly believed that Nigeria is one of the neocolonial tools in the hands of Britain and Europe entirely, the report says. Going further; the report suggested that another reason Gaddafi also wanted Nigeria divided was to have religiously independent Islamic state as the combined religion in Nigeria is affecting the growth of Islam in Nigeria. He opined that instead of internal religious fight and political squabbles that have hampered growth in African most populace country, there was the need to divide and excel independently other than serving British interest.

Mostly; people that see Europe or White in that light are people that have read widely and seen a lot. People that could vividly see that anything set-up by Europe or Whites in Africa is only but to their own gain. It’s only a person that has third eye could see that Africa has been made a source of enrichment to them. African children toil day and night only for their toiling to be politically lifted by Europe.

Nigeria is one typical example of everything Gaddafi opposed; a situation Britain created Nigeria in 1914, putting religious, political, and cultural and value system opposition together. Since the creation of Nigeria by Lord Lugard of the British-Scotland the country continued to waste the lives of African children while Britain focuses on the resources of the people, lifting everything into their own country. Someone like Gaddafi was opposed to such life and believed that dismantling Nigeria was a task that must be accomplished.

Libya played a neutral role during Biafra versus Nigeria war but in 1999 the agitation for the sovereign state of Biafra came to the front burner again; Gaddafi did not hide his feeling that he wants Nigeria to be divided so that each can go its own way and work hard to make a better nation. As at the time Gaddafi expressed his opinion over Nigeria; he could not work towards its implementation because there was no opportunity to come in. The sovereignty of Nigeria means that Biafra is an internal matter until proven beyond Nigeria.

An exclusive report gathered by The Biafra Post and examination of witnesses showed that Gaddafi contacted Biafra activists on how Independence war could be fought. The report further noted that Gaddafi does not believe in the peaceful restoration of Biafra as British interest will swallow any move aimed at diplomatically going about the restoration, the report said.

“When three American citizens were arrested by Biafra security in 2006; Gaddafi heard the news and decided to reach those that arrested those American citizens. That was how a number was given out and he personally contacted us. The call was short and we were going to meet him, agents will initiate the process and we were ready for the protocols” a witness said.

However; nobody could determine if the arrest of three Americans was what sparked interest in Gaddafi as his hatred for America was obvious as at then. The report further said that his mission was to ensure or give the necessary support needed to ensure that Nigeria was divided. The report pointedly said that the support from Gaddafi was military hardware.

Recall that in 2006; Biafra agitation was tense and about to snowball into armed conflict, Chinese government had wanted to sale warship to the Nigerian government in an effort to curb militancy in the oil rich part of Biafra. This prompted armed Biafra activists to arresting Chinese citizens who were forced to contact Chinese embassy. The Chinese citizens were held on the condition that they illegally entered Biafra territory without Biafran visa and required documents. When Chinese government received the report of the arrest of its citizens, it caused a diplomatic row with Nigeria and the government withdrew the warship and demanded the safety of Chinese citizens in Nigeria. The scenario gave Biafra agitation international awareness and such strategy could have triggered the interest of Gaddafi.

“With such move; Gaddafi believed that we were ready for anything and that was why he contacted us for complete independence war. But we were still making arrangement when things fell apart for us, had things not fallen apart, Gaddafi would have overseen aspiring Africa by now, he has gone, slave trade is back and many more atrocities will be back. Europe will continue to milk Africa as long as Nigeria remains a tool of neo colonialism. Nigerian military was determined to fight on but we were confident of defeating them. Late Dim Chukwuemeka Ojukwu was who personally called off the armed confrontation. Ojukwu was the only person that could talk to us and we will hear, so he came in and we withdrew” another witness said.

By Ifeanyi Chijioke - TBP

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