November 27,2017

Before Anambra state election; I received a call from a friend, Ifeanyi Chukwu Francis, who told me that he heard that if Anambra state election was successfully boycotted, that IPOB will have a referendum. I sluggishly affirmed it and he prayed that I should literary do everything possible to make sure that the election was boycotted. I said okay; and since then, I took every opportunity that comes to press home a successful boycott and on the D Day of the election, I was on ground to making sure that the world confirmed the fact that IPOB boycotted the election. On a different occasion; another friend sent me a video clip of the deputy leader of IPOB speaking in London, he strongly assured the people of Biafra that referendum date will be announced once the election is boycotted and internation al community will accept or back it up. The sender of the video specifically told me to widely share the video. I was convinced because before such position is publicly taken; the deputy must have had series of meetings with contacts. Anambra state election became decisive election; prior to it, my column had whipped feelings of anger and revenge when I urged IPOB to declare Biafra and protect Biafran territory against the activities of Ohaneze Ndigbo. The next day; I got clear reply that IPOB remains a peaceful organization and that Anambra state election will decide the next line of action. The response set the tune for the people in Anambra state. Effort to boycott the election intensified and Biafrans from all works of life pleaded to the people of Anambra that once they boycotted the election, freedom will be the reward.

The people of Biafra began to rejoice; I could not rest, freedom is finally coming and just within a month, the election boycott will happen and the result will be convincing. Those that did not believe in Biafra suddenly woke up; mothers and fathers shouting no-election and children alike. Politicians were shocked; with all their money and gifts; the people abandoned them. Campaign could not hold anywhere; the people are fed up with Nigeria and her politicians, they need Biafra and now election boycott is a ticket to that promise land, they are ready to purchase it.

The election date has not come and they began to stockpile food stock; they were ready to sit-at-home for one week if that would grade total boycott. Ofe Nsala day saturated the entire land of Biafra; even a family that has never tasted Ofe Nsa has to go to the market and buy ingredients for it. The funny aspect of it was; they all uploaded their Ofe Nsala on the internet, even an amputated Biafran ate Ofe Nsala that very day. The joy was clear and communicable; cows killed, goat killed, fowl killed and it was a celebration for the impending referendum.
On the Election Day; they sat back home, they uploaded pictures and worked tirelessly to prove that they really adhered to the order. By the end of the day; politicians were able to pull ten percent of registered voters. ECA made it clear that up to One Hundred Thousand people did not vote on that election while the government claimed Three Hundred Thousand voted. On the day of the election; nobody was seen anywhere near polling booths. The government bloated figures but could not have the audacity to bloat stable figures to reach one-quarter count for a winner.

The 80% of those that boycotted the election did with the belief that referendum will be given to them as assured and that is why I support the referendum. Biafrans successfully boycotted Anambra state election and the reward for such discipline is referendum. I support referendum because we promised referendum and we deliver on our promise because IPOB is integrity oriented. 

The wish of the people for a referendum reflected on the Anambra state election boycott and that is what should be followed. The outcome of the referendum is a topic for another day; but it would be better the people get what they bargained for than deprived what they bargained for. Whatever way; I stand with the people of Biafra on referendum.

Ifeanyi Chijioke is a thinker, revolutionary writer, a senior journalist  in TheBiafraPost and socio-economic and political analyst that writes from  Onitsha in Eastern part of Biafraland

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