Written by Maazi Chukwu Ebuka Nze For (TBP)
November 25,2017

This question just flashed my mind this night and I started thinking deeply about it, an average Nigerian in the street would tell you that those that want to divide or who want Nigeria to be divided are the enemies of the Nigerian state but I wouldn't blame them because most of them have been deprived their fundamental rights which made them to stop reasoning like normal humans .

I was one of those that can sacrifice my life to defend Nigerian unity until I got an administration into ' uncommon higher institution ' ( Radio Biafra London ) where an extraordinary lecturer Nnamdi Kanu whose lecture changed my way of reasoning and I began to see things from different perspective . When I encountered his lecture on Radio Biafra London I began to understand that the country I had always wanted to defend has never benefited me anything .

The question I'm asking myself now is this , why is Nigeria prospering but not progressing ? This question bothers me much because Nigeria has all it takes to be great but because we have been deprived so much, some of us cannot see that those that usually share money to us every four years never want our children to acquire good education, have access to quality healthcare, enjoy good road ,have uninterrupted power supply, travel without thinking of meeting armed robbers on the highways and other social amenities .Have you asked yourself why they banned history in schools ? I feel ashamed seeing young men in Nigeria who claim to be educated calling for Nnamdi Kanu's head because he refuses to follow the path of Nigerian politicians who never want you to succeed .Nnamdi KANU is not agitating for Biafra because he hate Hausa or Yoruba's but because his people ( Biafrans ) are chained in a country that can't boast of 24Hrs power supply. Below are the questions that you need to ask yourself ( those that believe that agitators are the enemies of Nigeria ) .

(1) Why is it that Nigerian leaders don't leave their children to study in Nigerian owned schools ? 
(2) Why are they not treating themselves ( including their children ) in Nigerian hospitals ? 
(3) Why are they not travelling by road ?
 (4) Why do they always go with convoys ?
 (5) What is so special about abroad that cannot find in Nigeria ? 

There are too many questions to ask but these five are okay for now .It may also interest you to know that poor masses in Nigeria are the ones praying and fasting for Nigeria to become a better place while those in power are the ones looting Nigerian treasury mercilessly . I'm not begging anyone to support Biafra or Nnamdi Kanu but I want them to understand that if Nigeria has been working like every other civilized nations, there wouldn't be reason for agitation .

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