November 23,2017

This question flashed on my mind and I found it imperative to sharing it; I have heard about Biafra National Guard just as you have heard but I was lucky to meet the leader of BNG while he was in detention. We sufficiently talked; as a journalist, I wanted to know more because I have heard of him in some quarters.

“The federal government of Nigeria knows him; ask Obasanjo how Chinese government threatened to severe their diplomatic relationship on the basis that another nation exists in Nigeria. See; Innocent Orji was framed by Uwazurike and thrown into the prison because Ralph doesn’t want Biafra to be restored. He wants to carry on with business but Inno wanted Biafra to be restored before anything” he noted.
Few months after he told me about Innocent Orji; the young man was released from detention; he had spent ten years in prison. I was lucky to see him for the first time; he is a hefty guy, with sufficient shoulder and chest pushed out. Fleshed and stable; nobody needed to tell you that he is a soldier and an elite soldier at that. Immediately after his release; his spokesman one ‘Major Nkuma’ made a press statement and declared that Nnamdi Kanu is the leader of the people of Biafra and warned against attacking him. Further statements showed that Biafra National Guard is not a civilian body and neither are they after anything but men ready to combat and die for what they believed in. Then, as ‘Major Nkuma’ was talking; the federal government of Nigeria labeled IPOB terrorist for the activities of Biafra National Guard and others. That was the moment everything stopped and up till this moment; ‘Major Nkuma’ has not talked and neither have we heard from General Innocent Orji. I have tried all I could to meet De General for an interview but my effort was futile; he is nowhere to be found and that was the reason behind this question ‘Where is Biafra National Guard’ that message may be able to reach BNG that somebody is asking after them. It was rumored that Biafra National Guard will make a comeback only when buckled up and I have my watch ticking. “So General was released and he went in, who will do the job for him? Why won’t he come out so at least people will know he is around or why not continue to make statements” A close ally of General Innocent Orji told me it was the question he receives everyday from people and yet he could not help to finding the leader of Biafra National Guard. The reason I am searching for the leader of Biafra National Guard is to tell him that time is ripe for him to show up. The people of Biafra have boycotted election and there is a call for referendum within the fold and this referendum will bring death unless there is a force that will guard the people. Biafra National Guard is not another pro-Biafra group but a force or rather as ‘Major Nkuma’ would always say, the military wing of Biafra. The people of Biafra will shortly be in need of their guard and Innocent Orji will be beckoned on but why wait for the night to get kerosene for your lamp?

The people and leadership of Biafra must understand that this is Africa and precisely Nigeria; there is need of preparation for the worst. The Biafra National Guard must be prepared and made to wait and not we looking the other way round and planning to start running for shelter when the rain starts falling, it would be better we make a shelter and wait for the rain, even though the rain will not fall, we will use the shelter as shade at some point.

I was told that General Innocent Orji is ‘Oke Mmawu’ that doesn’t come out every day or anyhow because a lot of things are needed to be done to have ‘Oke Mmawu na ogbo’.

Ifeanyi Chijioke is a thinker, revolutionary writer, a senior journalist  in TheBiafraPost and socio-economic and political analyst that writes from  Onitsha in Eastern part of Biafraland

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