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Empty polling booth, as Biafrans boycotted Anambra election
Anambra: Last Saturday, Anambra state election met a staunch boycott and the Indigenous People of Biafra were able to make a statement with that act. Their singular reason for boycotting the election was to press home a demand for referendum and the statement made was “We want a referendum”.

Notably; out of the over five million people in Anambra state, two million plus were able to get their voters card and willing to vote, but when the order for a boycott came, nearly Two Million of the people adhered to the order.

When the election had come and gone, INEC declared a winner; they said that Three Hundred Thousand People in Anambra state refused to adhere to the boycott order. Out of the Three Hundred Thousand people, One Hundred and Ninety Five Thousand people voted the winner of the election while others shared the remaining.
By declaring that Three Hundred Thousand voters participated in the election and by virtue of INEC result, in each local government of the twenty one (21) in Anambra state- Fourteen Thousand people came out against the order by IPOB to boycott the election.

The joy of a successful boycott made IPOB not to question the deceit and bloated figures and how possibly Three Hundred Thousand People came out in the state and nobody saw them. The big question is; an election that had journalists covering virtually all local governments, how come we could not see the picture or video of these voters casting their votes.

Nigerian mainstream media were shouting low turnout during the election and running a live video in the homes of the aspirants who had more family and friends voting. The pictures circulated online showed deserted polling booths, communities and cities. The Three Hundred Thousand voters allegedly pulled remains an imagination because everything pointed against it. There was no evidence to buttress the figure reeled out by INEC and this leaves me wondering where it all came from.

Suddenly; they terminated live videos in the polling booths of candidates and recklessly uploaded alien pictures of voters. Does it mean that ‘Three Hundred Thousand’ Voters in Anambra state were pulled only in the homes of candidates? We can all attest to the fact that we saw and confirmed that voters did not come out; where did Three Hundred Thousand voters came from after the scanty or boycotted election we all witnessed?

In the history of Anambra state election; a winner emerged with perfectly boycotted result, winning entire 21 LGA, seriously, this fraud is magnifying. Obaze complained against over voting; he stated clearly that there were places politicians thumb printed more than the strength of the booth. Obaze only talked about the places they made mistake of thumb printing more than the number of registered voters and have no opportunity to talk about places they thumb printed accurately. The reality remains that one or two persons thumb printed all the thumb printing sheets that gave 300,000.
Reports circulated online that party agents refused to hand over result sheets to INEC to protest irregularities which has to do with bloated figures and yet we all kept quiet.

Another report confirmed that thumb print sheets were transported to Ibuzor Delta state where they were thumb printed and sent back to Anambra state. Reports also had it that voting continued in the night; who are those voting in the night which caused delay in announcement of results? Are they not thumb printing the sheets they counted as 300,000.

A major Nigerian online news portal projected its figures and got One Hundred and Ninety One Thousand votes but INEC got One Hundred and Ninety Five Thousand votes for the winner, this inconsistency shows that something went behind the scene. No matter how INEC tried to hide the fact that the amount of vote cast did not reach Three Hundred Thousand; the inconsistency therein will prove otherwise.

Finally; Three Hundred Thousand voters out of the Two Million that registered remains remarkable and that is near perfect boycott. It is also on record that three-quarter of registered voters did not come out to vote which automatically gave IPOB edge over the affairs of the land of Biafra. The bloated figures can save the face of the political class but cannot take away the fact that the people have come back to their senses and would no longer be used as political tools.

By Ifeanyi Chijioke - TBP

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