The Biafra Post | November 08, 2017

A supposely polling booth boycutted by Biafrans
The election which was described as the best in recent Nigerian electoral history by Ekweremmadu was the best we can get from a seasoned politician. It is his duty to protect politics from the inevitable revolution that has come upon it. For the first time in history of Nigeria; the people unanimously stood firm on their vow not to participate in any election to press home a demand. Enugu state council election experienced a terrifying boycott that the only way to help the situation is for Ekweremmadu to speak that wonderful lies.

A new breed; an actor turned a politician Kenneth Okonkwo who doesn’t know the business too well, he bluntly said that there was no election in Enugu state. Okonkwo does not know what is actually happening; this is not the best time for politics in Nigeria. To the seasoned politicians; they would join hands and fight this political revolution sweeping across Biafra land. Okonkwo plainly said the truth about what happened in Enugu state; there was no election and people did not come out to cast their votes. He said the truth simply because he is not yet ripe; politics in Nigeria is about deceit and lies, slowly, he will get there. It was indeed a powerful boycott- for a politician to admit that IPOB really boycotted the election.

Going further; VON boss made it clear that the council election is one of the worst so far and a threat to power devaluation in Nigeria. He posited that with the way results were announced without any election indicates that power devaluation will only make constituencies monsters. Sadly; the argument of the VON boss is one devoid of ingredient; in a democratic setting; the people vote and defend their votes but when the people refused to vote, anything can happen, like announcing results to silence the voice of the people. The VON boss must understand that the result announced was to save Nigerian politics. However; even in Lagos where people voted, APC still rigged everything, so the VON boss is a hypocrite.

Nigerian mainstream media did not report, update or followed the election; throughout the day of the election, there was no usual update’ on elections which further tells that nobody came out to vote because it is when people come out to vote that media can have something to report or update. But why didn’t they report the boycott remains a question only Enugu state government can answer. I learned that a polling booth accredited three people; it is worthy of news because the media supposed to question the boycott but because it would show the resolve of the people of Biafra; a media blackout was a better option but Anambra election will open their dirty underwear in the market.

Bomb explosions; they tried all they could to hide it even when their mainstream media reported the explosions. The statement released by police noted that there was no explosion and further statements from top government officials said there was no violence or casualties but three people are languishing in hospital as a result of the bomb explosion that followed the election. They said that they are not aware of casualties or explosion. This goes further to show that whoever goes out to vote is doing it on his own because these politicians don’t give a damn if you live or die, all they want is your time and stress for their comfort.

Did you know that they hid the bloody violence that erupted at Akpugo local government secretariat; which was burnt down and nothing happened there, no election due to absence of electorate? They try to pet the public that everything is alright to set them up for their Anambra bloodbath. If you are given the real gist or allowed to know what happened in the failed Enugu council election, you would not dare step out for Anambra election and the best approach remains to hide everything to set you up for their Anambra risk.

Sporadic gun shots at Akpugo secretariat left many injured and a source indicated that loss of lives is inevitable. We must not give our lives away for a fraudulent exercise that will make no impact in our lives. We must jealously guide our lives by staying away from their bloody quest for power.

They have been killing the people of Biafra; they have no respect for the people of Biafra and no matter how much we try, Nigeria will keep sucking our blood. Anambra state election is another chance for them to continue their genocide or massacre but we can deny them that opportunity by staying indoors and away from their bait- election.

Authored by Ifeanyi Chijioke - TBP

Editor/Publisher: Chinwe Korie
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