Biafra: [Proscription]: The Untold Story About The Indigenous People of Biafra Humanitarian And Selfless Services To The Growth of Her Nation

Written By GodsGlory Enoch - TBP
November 11, 2017

IPOB repairing roads in Biafra land
The evil British creation called Nigeria and her handlers are nothing but decorated criminals, a set of cabals who formed a system of government to favour them even in the face of impunity of all kinds. From the military governments to the civilian governments, all are rogues in starched and ironed agbada cloths.

These are men that reason with their balls beneath their legs; they are good at throwing lavish binge party's with funds rightly meant to develop and enhance the living conditions of her people; their subjects becomes an object of caricatures that they must deal with how they want because their fellow corrupt criminals will still give them justice in the face of their culpability.

Recall that these criminals went to their fellow backyard black market dishonorable judge of the Abuja Federal High Court - Abdul Kafarati - to get a black market order that proscribed the activities of the Indigenous of People Biafra as a terrorist organization; these set of criminals can go to any length so as to stop anybody who opposes their views, selfish lifestyle of aggrandizement of public funds.

In Nigeria today every region is in one form of agitation or another; in the North the Bokoharam are fighting for an Islamic State which is their right based on the North Islamic religious views, the Yorubas want either a restructured Nigeria or an outright Oduduwa Nation while in the Eastern region we have the IPOB demanding for a referendum in the affairs concerning them and the rest of other Nigeria regions; and also those fighting for the total sovereignty/control of their natural resources from the government to which the morally bankrupted, criminal Nigerian government tagged them militants.

I call it hypocrisy coated with injustice when the real criminals in government tagged the most innocent peaceful Indigenous People in the world a terrorist organisation. A people that their land generates what feeds and keeps the country's existence as a united body are being left to die of hunger, marginalized and abandoned.

The Indigenous People of Biafra had been subjected to all manner of inhuman treatments without any form of reprisals and still the Nigerian government and her criminal handlers are working round the clock to justify their false and unfounded claims of branding the Indigenous People of Biafra a terrorist organization. Terrorists are known to create havoc and mayhem to the people coexisting with them in the same geo space, they create ugly scenes that the eyes cannot behold alone but a condemning reproach leaves the lips of sane people.

Another thing is, do terrorists build, organize or help to destroy? The government here is a perfect picture of a terrorist organization; the government uses her military might to unleash mayhem on her citizens; the deplorable state conditions of roads here are nothing but death traps; then between the government and the people who is the terrorists? Here in the zoological Republic of Nigeria, it is stated that the core responsibility to create, maintain and build roads are solely government's responsibility but now the people are left doing that by themselves; not waiting on the government anymore as a result of increase in death tolls caused by these bad roads.

An example of this is the deplorable situation of roads in Biafra land. Nigerian government and their South-East governors want Biafrans to be exterminated, annihilated by floods due to the bad condition of roads in the region. The government are obligated to take care of these roads both in Federal and States' levels, but because they have embezzled the public funds meant for these mega projects, and as a result, people are taking care of their roads individually.

So the argument is this; If the Indigenous People of Biafra in general are terrorists, why do they take care of these roads that the government abandoned? Where in the world do terrorists do such? Do terrorists reason as such to taking up the responsibilities of government abandoned projects?

It is imperative to let the world know that the impostor Jibril/Mohammadu Buhari APC- led regime atrocities of Northernization cum Islamization of Nigeria agenda of this government is real, and the compromised Ohaneze in collaboration with South-East governors are guilty and culpable of the proscription tag on Indigenous People of Biafra whose only crime to be tag a terrorist organization is their inaelinable rights of seeking for freedom peacefully through the instrumentality of the United Nations Charter on the Rights of Indigenous People.

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