The Biafra Post | November 18, 2017

Empty polling booth in Anambra governorship election; 18th November, 2017
Anambra: There is ongoing plan now to discredit the total election boycott being experienced in entire Anambra state. The federal government of Nigeria with their collaborators is massively spending money and threatening voters to vote or be black listed as IPOB members that will be arrested and executed afterwards.

The government had ordered or bought mainstream media houses to focus on the areas they succeeded in coercing voters and illegitimate voters. The media will project the places people were coerced to sell to the world that election is really going on in Anambra state while there is virtually nothing happening.

Such places targeted are the homes of the candidates who have even brought in non indigenes and camp them in their various camps to be shifted to polling booths to cast illegal votes. Some of these people are but illegitimate voters brought in from neighboring states. The media will cover them and project them as Anambra people voting.

According to the report directly coming from our sources within the government; the government will give sufficient media attentions to the places this fraud will be carried out and neglect the total boycott echoing everywhere in Anambra state.
Going further; the source disclosed that they are not ruling out thousands of security men deployed into the state taking off their uniforms to cast illegal votes that will be projected as election going on in Anambra state.

The world must know that only the reality on ground is the total boycott of election in the state which is a means of pressing home a demand for referendum.

Ifeanyi Chijioke; Reporting for TBP

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