The Biafra Post | November 30, 2017

The question we cannot answer is if Independence referendum called by IPOB will cement this long nursed and pursued freedom. But the question we can certainly answer is; will this referendum make a stronger case for the people of Biafra?

No doubt; many people will love the question that cannot be answered to be attempted; to some, they could use it to oppose the referendum while pro-referendum could use the inability to answer it to trade handsomely. The bottom line is; opposition and proponent alike will benefit from the birth of IPOB. Referendum is a destined child of IPOB; but whether the child walks or not will be left for the gods.

IPOB as a gigantic organization scattered all over the world is not a joke; with learned men scattered across the length and breadth of the organization, they know what is obtainable when referendum is mentioned in murderous Nigeria. Before this idea of a referendum; they must have used their high wire connection to reach world decision making institutions. The referendum called definitely has the backing of such institutions even though nobody expects them to openly meddle in Nigerian internal matter.

The right of Indigenous People must be upheld at any time and place and that is what the world owes Indigenous People. Sadly; in 1967, UN charter on the rights of Indigenous people has not been chartered and that solemnly affected the agitation or crisis for Biafran statehood that very time. This class of agitators has an edge over the 1967 class and after this referendum, nobody knows what may follow.

The referendum may be marred by violence and death; in the sense that Nigerian establishment will unleash her military against Indigenous People. Biafra may lose in the referendum; in the sense that low turnout or Nigeria may convince the people to remain. Indicating that referendum will be conducted next year is a right step. The wrong step may be the potential inability to prepare for the consequences of that decision.

The call for referendum has taken thousands of lives and to stop the murderous situation; this referendum is important, to conduct it once and for all and save the day. Recently; the people of Biafra were proscribed and labeled terrorists for making a referendum demand and they have faced death like parasites on a dead body. Threat of death may not stop anything because even without referendum; they are dying.

International community has feigned ignorance at the plight of the people of Biafra and the people don’t know how best to approaching them anymore. Critics have faulted the relentless demand for a referendum; wondering how the people of Biafra expect the world to force Nigeria on what they don’t want to subscribe to. They further opined that the people of Biafra must take their destinies into their own hands and how to go about that remains independence referendum.

Last two years; I wrote a letter through the leader of Indigenous People of Biafra to EU and OEAS took it upon itself to facilitate the letter and urged EU to reply. In response to the letter; EU indicated they would accept legally formed Independent Biafra. European Union went on to warning Nigeria to trade with caution due to blatant violation of human rights of the people of Biafra. The word ‘accept’ by EU made it clear that they are aware of the fact that Biafra is all about existence and not comfort. Since 1967; the quest for independent state of Biafra has been to secure the vulnerable lives of innocent people of Biafra. The world knows that had Nigerian government gave Biafra a reason or ground to live; they would have embraced Nigeria like their country, but instead, they were made species of terror and a wife who gets battered at any given time.

The purpose of the Independence Referendum that is around the corner is to be used to pursue a case of endorsement. A man does not stand on a place waiting for a savior; he has to make move to saving himself. Biafra will make a case of acceptance with the referendum result if she wins; she would sort recognition with it and diplomatic ties.

With referendum; it is assumed that the people of Biafra have settled their issue and international community can clearly see through the referendum that the people of Biafra are ready or generally agreed to opt out of the 1914 treaty that has legally expired. With the result of the referendum; statehood and recognition will simply take effect.

Authored by Ifeanyi Chijioke

Editor/Publisher: Chinwe Korie
Reach Chinwe via;
Twitter: @ckorie17


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