By Russell Bluejack | November 06, 2017
Published by: The Biafra Post

In Biafra Nigeria dies
When it started some Nigerians thought the fire had been extinguished. The invasion was viciously merciless, swiftly gruesome, godlessly brutal, as our unarmed and peaceful youths were massacred and subjected to all forms of inhuman treatments. They had become "outlaws" for agitating peacefully for their FREEDOM. Some of these peaceful agitators were made to drink from the gutter and dirty ponds. Of course, many of our educated, handsome, and refined youths were killed gruesomely! YET THE AGITATION CONTINUES.

Not done, they went for the refined and saintly leader of our mother body, Prince Nnamdi Kanu, the Ohamadike I of Biafraland, killed the able-bodied unarmed youths at his gate,  killed his female cousin, male cousin, his dog (Jack), rained bullets on his home, scaled his fence, and killed everyone found in his premises. The whereabouts of this illustrious son, his father, a king, and his mother is unknown as I write. Has Kanu been killed the way Saro-Wiwa, Adaka Boro, and Obi Wali were? Who knows! All we know is that this educated and refined man and his family remain missing. YET THE AGITATION CONTINUES.

Seeing that we, IPOB, are like the sea - never stopping,  always moving - they labeled us terrorists, even though they know we are unarmed and peaceful. They went ahead to gazette this drama and sought the compliance of the world,  but met a serious bulwark, for the world knows what terrorism means.  Ever since that unlawful label, Nigeria, the most dangerous geographical enclave to live in, has been battling with her nasty image. In her devious bid to bury the struggle for freedom she finds herself in chains. What lessons have the  bloodthirsty controllers of Nigeria learned? BIAFRA WILL NEVER DIE!

Biafra is peopled by the Indigenous People of Biafra (IPOB). How can the entire people that inhabit a geographical space be labeled terrorists? This terrorism label confirms the ineptitude of those who think that after having been suckled by cows they can assume humanity and "govern" real humans. Every attempt to crush Biafra leads to further global dents and economic debacle on Nigeria. Yes, Biafra must correct the CREATION MISTAKE that what we call Nigeria depicts. Biafra is the EAGLE that will consume the SNAKE called NIGERIA. Our freedom is not a topic for negotiation. Our freedom is divinely inspired. Who are mere mortals to discuss a divine project? It is a settled mission. The MISSION has become a MOVEMENT.

All hail Biafra!

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