By: Marichu Contado Ekwoma
As: Ada Ora


BIAFRA-BIAFRA-BIAFRA! Why the world seems deaf and blind towards  BIAFRA?
Biafrans are being killed every hour and every day, months and years these innocent race are dying at the bloody hands of  Nigerian Armed authorities.

Recently, was the attack on Nigerian military against  Biafra community. They were tortured and killed after much abusing them by the  Nigerian armies and Police authorities. Pictures and videos came out and been viral to international society. But still, the world seems like it stops it’s breathing. We don’t hear any actions and reactions from United nations,  from the United States of America, and any from the whole world international community. 

WHY?  Are you all afraid of  Britain? Britain is the maker of this expired country called  Nigeria.
Why expired country? I say it expired due to the declaration of its 100 years “FORCEFULL AMALGAMATION” since  1914 by Lord  Lugard of  Britain. Since that time  Biafra becomes the buttered wife of  Nigeria. Since the day of that horrible marriage, Biafra is always seen with blood and death was still upon the doors of her children.  Every day was living in fear and woe. Slavery all over in her own house.  

Nigeria has not been a husband to her but her great cruel oppressor and raping her every moment as it, please. Robbing out all her possessions, both lands, and her precious oils which even the main reason for her taking into this ridiculous marriage just for a purpose to robbed her wealth out by the said Satanic and heartless colony called  Britain.

Now they are killing Biafra from adults to the youths, from youths to the kids and all innocent community of  Biafra. For the adults and teens, they shoot them through arms. And to our  mothers and  children, now after  giving  them bloody attacks and  even  to the house  of  BIAFRA IPOB  leader Mazi  Nnamdi Kanu  who also  up to  this  time of  my  writing this article  is  still  in the  hands  of  his  kidnappers the  Nigerian military after they  raid  his  house and kill his  people and  took his  parents   and  himself away and  till this  date  is no report  of  his  where about. 

Biafra is not sleeping crying out full day and night for help.  But in more than 100 years of shouting and crying for help, no neighbors come to help. All are afraid of her slave master the criminal colonizer of the whole world. Britain is insecure of the beauty and riches that Biafra possesses. Since  1914  up to this date Britain didn’t stop killing, 

mass murdering  Biafra but still they more grow in fear that anytime Biafra will come to raise a nation ten times greater than her oppressor Britain.  NOW; I am calling for the attention of  WORLD  HEALTH  ORGANIZATION. To come and conduct the Fact-finding examination to the ongoing Nigerian military vaccination to all Biafrans community, and all schools. Because the vaccine allegedly contains Monkey Pox if the  W.H.O has still its heart of as to a human,  I am asking her humanitarian action in it’s  earliest. 

Let the whole world know, that these 10 United States of  Biafra is the owner of the OIL (Crude Oil) which supplies the world as a whole through SHELL  British Company. Day and night were robbing out Oil resources of  Biafra. And by such reason they want Biafra to be under the colony of  Islamic  British Nigeria. I am appealing to the  World  Health  Organization. I am expressing my soul full respect and trust in your power to save lives of thousands and millions innocent and the  Biafrans.  Please do act early and fast. 
BIAFRA  is waiting.

Miss.Elyn Barata Davila writes for BiafraPost
Editor/Publisher: Akachukwu Udo
For Biafra Reporters



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