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In our culture; we believe that anything said against the dead is a deliberate lie because he cannot come out to defend himself. We further see allegations against the dead as disrespect and cowardice because one that made it was long afraid of the late. One will be convinced on this note when suddenly after  years on Ojukwu’s demise; Gowon found his tongue. On this premise; the only way to finding out the truth is history; if Ojukwu lied; then we need a review of history. I will not fold my arms while His Excellency Dim Chukwuemeka Ojukwu is shamelessly accused by a stooge who fought for the colonial master.

Gowon must first admit that he is not Ojukwu’s class in any capacity; Ojukwu studied in Oxford University London; a place by the time he graduated Gowon never thought of foreign education. Ojukwu was on money and had everything a man desires in life. Ojukwu as a military governor of the East had more power until Gowon succeeded Aguinyi Ironsi. There is no way Gowon can be compared to Ojukwu; and when you go trivia; Ojukwu supersedes him. Ojukwu is a beautiful man; to the extent his beauty gets women trembling compared to Gowon who is not far from a Chimpanzee. As a result of Ojukwu’s education; his beauty was complemented and his wisdom coupled with his knowledge skyrocketed him.

Now we heard Gowon said few things lately; and he claimed that Ojukwu’s lies caused the civil war. Speaking at AIT; he made what was termed revelation on what caused the civil war. Disappointedly; over fifty years on; Gowon told the people what caused the civil war and years on the demise of Ojukwu he found his tongue. The agitation for the restoration of the sovereign state of Biafra started in 1999; but Gowon never said a word because Ojukwu was alive but as soon as he left, the ugly murderer found his tongue. I cannot comprehend the idea of bringing a genocidist- a man that killed over one million ‘children’ and two million five hundred citizens to a TV program to rant about how he killed those defenseless children and citizens of the world. Was Gowon invited as a hero or the role model of Nazi leader? The man that is supposed to be in ICC but roaming the town simply because he fought for the colonial masters does not deserve attention. Africa will remain underdeveloped because of people like Gowon who still flaunt their slavery. Britain might have aided him murder African children and shielded him from justice; but Biafra restoration will be his worst nightmare.

I understand the role Gowon is playing to make sure Biafra is not restored; I received an information from my friend, Anthony Efobi who is a professor of law at Greenwich University Southern London that Gowon reached him and pleading he withdraw his support for Biafra and reliably, Gowon is working assiduously but Biafra restoration will happen in his life time because God knows how to punish evil men. Sadly; he mentioned his love for his country Nigeria, I wonder how a man with conscience could love artificial geographical area by a Whiteman over 3.5 million lives of African children. Gowon is a proud slave that suddenly found his tongue in the absence of a real hero.

The very cause of the civil war that claimed millions of lives of Biafrans was as a result of Aburi Accord collapse; had Aburi Accord stood and honored, there won’t be need for war. Since the collapse of that Accord; Gowon never said anything and since Ojukwu declared what was agreed in Aburi he never opposed it until years on Ojukwu’s demise, he found his unfaithful or accusing tongue.

Decades after that Aburi Accord; it has come knocking again; Nigerians are demanding implementation of Aburi Accord in the name of restructure and Gowon stepped forward to indict His Excellency Dim Chukwuemeka Ojukwu. What Ojukwu saw decades ago has come back to them; they can now see what he saw and this summed up everything that transpired in the 60s. Ojukwu was a man who saw tomorrow and his wisdom and education made him an exception. Gowon could not stand and debate the highly educated or placed Ojukwu but in his absence, he found his accusing tongue.

Gowon said, “We agreed to put our heads together, to regain the trust and confidence of Nigerians. We went to Aburi, to agree to deal with the situation of our country, by ourselves.

“We did not go with any prepared position on the federal side, but, Ojukwu came with a paper he prepared. His prepared position was on a pink paper. Usually, pink paper at the Staff College is directing staff solution to the problem.”

When I discuss the lack of education and wisdom on the side of Gowon; someone may view it as hatred but his words said it all. A full grown man was going to a conference without preparing his deliberation or speech. Ojukwu’s education or wisdom was much more than all ‘submissive’ one Nigerian proponents put together and that was why they woefully failed in Aburi. This further gave us the insight of why Gowon suddenly fell sick that he could not announce the agreement in Aburi. He went to Aburi to chart a new cause but doesn’t have the mettle or education to argue or debate. At the end of the day; Ojukwu was able to soundly prove why regional autonomy would make a greater Nigeria and empty Gowon agreed but after-thought action cost us. Nigeria could have been a great country had Ojukwu’s stance stood; in other words Ojukwu loved Nigeria more than Gowon and the rest of them that opposed him. He wanted working Nigeria professors and great men agitate today; Ojukwu agitated and saw it before we even thought of it today. Gowon should rather be ashamed of himself; a thoughtless man that could not stand debate but came back and argued through the barrels of gun; a typical black monkey used by the colonial master to depopulate Africa.

He said, “But, by the time I returned, I was ill; I had fever. I could not make any statement. But, Ojukwu went to the radio, to make a statement and said the things we never agreed on.

“David Ejoor was the one who called me one early morning to ask if I had heard what Ojukwu said, and I said no. He then reeled out all that Ojukwu had said and I asked David, in all honesty, if that was what we agreed. He said no.

In conclusion; Ojukwu came out with superior argument or debate at Aburi which by circumstance we can confess today was the best thing that could have happened to Nigeria. It is pertinent that I also make it clear that Nigeria will not be in this turmoil or failed state had Ojukwu’s debate stood. Had Gowon announced the outcome of the Accord in Aburi; we could have had Nigeria of our dream or had Gowon accepted the announcement made by Ojukwu without renegade, Nigeria won’t be a failed state.

The tale by the moonlight that he fell sick or had fever and could not make announcement was the cheapest of lies from head of states. Gowon ran away from the agreement simply because he felt Ojukwu had academic and knowledge advantage over him in that debate or better intimidated him psychologically. He failed to see beyond that period; Ojukwu was proactive and considering the future of Nigeria as one that loved his country while Gowon was looking at that present time; he sustained Nigeria but when the future came, he lost it. Nigerians should hold Gowon responsible for their failed state because Biafra shall definitely go.

Finally; Gowon should learn to respect Ojukwu against all odds; he should quit lies because history has laid truth bare. If what Ojukwu debated and announced is today being clamored for, then he should quietly go to bed and wait his shameful death. There is no amount of publicity that can overshadow the fact that even Britain today support the Accord in Aburi Ojukwu championed. Instead of calling it Aburi Accord; we have decided to call it restructure. To make Ojukwu god over Gowon and his cohorts; Aburi Accord is today seen as the savior of Nigeria and without implementation of that Aburi Accord ‘restructure’ Nigeria will cease to exist in the nearest future.

Like Ojukwu saw the future over Gowon; so shall Ojukwu’s children continue to wax; his children have called for referendum as the only option to a better Nigeria and they rejected it like they rejected Aburi Accord but one thing is sure. Nigeria will fall and never to rise.

By Ifeanyi Chijioke - TBP

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