By Kelechi Okorie For TBP

October 19,2017

Biafrans persisted feel the pain of dehumanization as human in the hands of Hausa Fulani oligarchy regardless of their inherit acquisition of good qualities to excel in global scientific competitive system but subjected to lazy unprogressive and backward specie that are mentally oil dependent. Biafrans are condition to prefer dangerous freedom over peaceful slavery that may not agog well with the existence of the contraption called Nigeria, perhaps, one ought to may had undergone thorough maltreatments or annihilations, a day shall came when oppress must be liberated from the oppressors, it is important to note at this contemporary phenomena that every human is born to live as free being. Whites/Blacks dichotomy, racism and inequality was curtailed by Martin Luther king jnr, his efforts to integrate mankind irrespective, of color gave rooms for blacks to partake in decisions making in world politics, for the first time black Africa descendant became US president was made possible by men of integrity like Malcolm X, he tirelessly fought against universal discrepancy, inequality, war and religious intolerance in our social milieu.

Nelson Mandela was not left out; he spent 27years in prison against Apartheid Policy in South Africa, yet, he neither gave up nor capitulates, he remains tenacious, focus, and determined as a freedom fighter to eradicate white supremacy not minding excessive maltreatment to subdue him, today his name is written with golden pen of history. No matter the wickedness of man resistance force always challenges oppressors, 1929 Aba Women revolt against taxation for women folks was first resisted by Nwanyeruwa, it leads to heavy women mass movement process in Nigeria when some ignorant warrant chiefs were in a bid to appear important, exaggerated the population of their domains and attracted over taxation on their subject in order to please colonial administrative officers, the same way demented South East governors and Ohaneze Ndigbo made themselves below puppets to Hausa Fulani caliphate in exchange of political appointments. Their consistent homage to Aso Rock, Nigeria Sit of Power was to inflict unprecedented untold hardship to the people they claimed to have represented.

Revolution is gradually gathering momentum in Nigeria; it is a radical transformation of socio-political economy of a given society which can either be peaceful or violent. This inevitable Africa spring had break the record of most organized peaceful movement by Indigenous People of Biafra, under the supreme command of Nnamdi Kanu, these original owners of Biafra soil neither indulged in arm struggle, proliferation of arms nor instigated violent against Nigeria government but repeatedly victims of attacks from radical impersonate clone president Mohammadu Buhari’s led government. Even under provocation, illegal terrorist proscription yet, they remain calm in their quest for self determination as an inalienable right of every free persons as enshrine in UN charter. Malcolm X, Ironic IPOB perceptive mode of operandi can be interpreted thus; it is criminal to teach people not to defend themselves, when they are the victims of constant brutal attacks.

IPOB on a bricks of making another history as their members anonymously chosen to boycott elections in Biafraland started from 18th November, Anambra State gubernatorial election as their mock referendum date. Successful election boycott shall usher them substantial date for Biafra referendum as Catalonia did to part away from Spain. Of course, Biafrans are optimistic to pool 95% of yes in their referendum to determines their sovereignty with automate power to fully have control of its nation’s territories and its resources in a deem fit without external control. That will mark the end of Biafra bondage of internal slavery, intolerance, maladministration, favoritism, gerontocracy, nepotism and other social vices that militate against Biafra development as a heartbeat of Africa race. 

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