ENUGU — Some group of students of the University of Nigeria, Enugu Campus, UNEC, was yesterday, threatened by the Police and the school authority against plans to protest the ongoing genocide by agents of the Nigerian army in some parts of Abia state and its capital, Umuahia.

A security source attached to the school made this known to our correspondent who arrived at the school in the afternoon.

According to him, the School authority got wind of the plan by the students who were on vacation, to reconvene and stage a protest today at the school and then immediately alerted the Enugu State Police Command who in turn threatened to confront the students in a bid to disrupt the protest.

“We've been ordered to report any gathering of students in clusters as some of them have scheduled to hold a protest against the killings of civilians in Abia state.

“The school authority got hold of the information about some students who wants to kickoff protests from the school and they in turn have alerted the Police about the development.

“As you know, the students are still on vacation coupled with the situation of the industrial action being embarked upon by ASUU, so they have no business being at the school at the moment unless they want to be dealt with by the security agencies,” the security source said.

However, one of the students who was approached by our correspondent maintained that they would meet again to determine their next line of actions, adding that nothing can stop them if they decide to protest.

He said, “Nobody can stop us if we decide to hold protest in Enugu. We can choose to reconvene anywhere in the State, nobody will prevent us from doing so. Are we not on strike?

“Just visit the internet and look at the gory pictures and videos of how our people are being massacred in cold blood in Abia State and they are asking us to keep quiet and pretend as nothing is happening.

“They can say or do whatever they want but if after our meeting, we decide to continue with the planned protest, nothing will stop us, not even the military.”

Meanwhile there was palpable fear and tension when a military fighter jet was sighted in the sky  on Thursday hovering around Enugu.

The army's aircraft was seen hovering over the buildings of major cities in the State after information from different quarters indicated that the military operation codenamed Operation Python Dance is to commence in the State.

A resident who spoke with our correspondent queried why the Nigerian army should invade and disrupt the peaceful atmospere enjoyed by the residents, alluding that the army were probably searching for people with Biafra insignas or materials in the State.

“Enugu is a very peaceful and quiet place, we wonder why the army will even conceive to carry out their so-called operations in this state.

“I believe they're possibly looking for anyone with Biafra flags or items so as to deal with the person but they forgot that not all people who has the interest of Biafra at heart, goes about with Biafra flags or items, they should stop intimidating and killing innocent citizens of this country using one operation or the other as a cover-up,” he posited.

- Chukwuemeka Edem
   Enugu Media Team


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  1. The rationale beHind Operation Python Dance is to Provoke the Biafrans to war so that the war will start in Biafraland. But God will fight our battle as he did for Judah during the reign Jehoshaphat VS Ammonites, Moabites and people of Mount sir.